The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 12 June 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

* It’s official, Australian Bridge Federation takes on the Bridge Zone Show

* We have a new segment, Boomerang Bridge starts this week

* Judge Julie -
       Why do we toss the coin?
       Medical Certificates…

* Book of the week It’s a big one – Under the table – Avon Wilsmore
A history of cheating past and present and an amazing read 

Barry Crane

   * Barry Crane -
                        Partner Killer
                        Superstitious Rules
                        Best match point player of all time
                        Hollywood Producer


* Ray Curnow, Top of The South Regional Bridge Mate joins us today

     Nelson Open Pairs - the winner gets ambushed
     Continuous improvement
     Surprise – What happened here!
     A challenge is made
     Mud wrestling over an umbrella

* Singapore APBF starts today
    Click here to check out results or to follow your country folk

* Good luck to those at the National 15A Swiss Pairs in New Plymouth

Tossing coins



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