The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 19 June 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

* “Naki Nightmare”

* Barry tells us about a hand that he has lost sleep over

* National Swiss Pair Results from New Plymouth
         Congratulation’s - Grant Jarvis and Pamela Livingston

* Brad Johnston – Grand Master and a story about a clock

* Send in your funnies, please would love to share them on air

* The nightmare continues

Kim K

   Kim Kardashian on the Bridge Zone!!!


* Mayhem at the table

* Gerber after interference – yes or no

* Etiquette and Zero Tolerance Policies

* Contentious and Ugly

* Are you one - an Angel or a Devil?

* Do harsh words past your lips?

* Tell us how you feel about dealing with etiquette

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