The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 23 January 2019

On the Bridge Zone Racing Channel – Barry places his bets for the winning teams at Tauranga’s Mini Congress this weekend

Based on current form and names his “roughy” pick, he did well at Thames – can he repeat it?

Exciting things that happened at Mereana’s and Barry’s workplace last week


We discuss pre nuptials – who got married and who are back as a Bridge partnership after a decent separation

Is there a reason for a Bridge Partnership to have a pre nup agreeement – Barry shares 2 lines of thought for a solid basis of a pre nup

Playing Directors – some points of discussion and Julie Atkinson will join us next week


A new weekly event – we highlight a Bridge Book and share some of it’s content

This week.....

Book 4 – Matchpoints by Kit Woolsey

Double Flaw – Loaded Dice – it’s all so interesting

If you have a favorite book or reference that you want to share with us, please email and we will add it into a show

And who passes at the Bridge Table all night just to see what their results will be?

Kamikaze 1NT openings – what the heck!

Ciao m

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