The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 30 January 2019


It’s official, Barry Jones has lost the plot

He’s in a pickle over a new drink and it’s not medicine

I suggest random drug testing – and BTW – he’s a maths whizz too

The Bridge Zone Racing Channel goes live to all listeners and we announce our next Race Meeting

How well did Barry’s selections go at the Tauranga Mini Congress and we ask that you show us your form via email

South Island Teams in Dunedin – Brad Johnston, John McAllister, Richard Solomon, Gary Chen will be there

Check out the field and make your picks

Come out on top and we will send you something from the Bridge Zone Prize cupboard


Where do tributes feature in the game of Bridge and Kate Terry may be the next NZ Idol

Gambling 3NT – the basics are discussed plus an escape route and the Irish have their own take on this bid

Book of the week will keep your mind active, it’s a tippy day for us all

This week..... 121 Tips for Better Bridge by Paul Mendelson

Surprised we got thru the show today folks – it was a laugh

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