The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 13 February 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves


John McAlister, produces the Bridge Documentary – Double Dummy and tells us of his ventures at the South Island teams and we offer a teaser of his interview with us

The Bridge Zone Racing Channels reviews the South Island teams and Mereana is famous by association once more, the name WILKINSON – surely that must count for something

The next feature Race is named and we ask for your picks at the Gold Coast Congress

Pinocchio shows up in the studio today and 50 Shades of Grey becomes a regular feature

Peeling back another layer of The Bridge Zone with our new Resident Ruler

..Silent bidding – own the problem – What you talking about Willis!!!

Book of the week – Winning No Trumps Leads by David Bird & Taf Anthias

And we should remind Barry again about his New Year’s Resolution – Think more – COUNT more

Ciao m

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