The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 10 July 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves


  Should I or shouldn’t I

       What we get up to off air…yes – lets air it
       Natalie Imbruglia – 1997 smash hit
       Look up the TORN, Mime YouTube clip – it’s great

* Judge Julie rules -
         Unplayed Boards
         How do Directors prepare for club sessions and tournaments
         Scoring programmes

Larry Cohen

  Learning to improve
  Larry has some tips for you


* South Island Pairs – Results

* We have a special guest interview today - we will be catching up with some of our International friends soon
         Zia Mahmood – about to head to Las Vegas for a tournament
         Sam Punch – to get an update on what’s been happening
         Liam Milne – our Boomerang Bridge Beau

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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