The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 31 July 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

* Boomerang Bridge
         Welcome Liam Milne – our Australian Correspondent
         The 1st throw of the Boomerang

* Funnies reveal
         Dummy – my knight in shining armour, gallant saviour of fricken Masterpoints?
         Who saw their match points being possibly wrenched from their grasp like Autumn leaves
         falling from a mighty Oak tree

* Allan Morris
         We share From the chair newsletter
         Read the entire release on the NZ Bridge website
         Resignation - farewell to Jane

* Judge Julie rules -
         Playing Directors
         Directors prepping for a Club session

* Results - Matamata and Motueka

* K’s to A’s ratio
     Moss Wylie is stalked
     Russel Wilson – on the road again
     Liam Milne is going to give us an idea of his Km’s to Gold for 2019
     Gary Foidl and Anthony Hopkins are other candidates

Have a great week everybody  

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