The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 21 August 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

* Judge Julie

     and full disclosure

* Results -
     Upper Hutt Multi-Grade

     Richard Solomon wins the bet for a sultana scone

     Fullerton Teams

RED lips
* Kissing at the NZ Bridge Teachers Seminar
     Phone a friend or get out of jail free cards
     How do we assist lessons graduates?
     We find out the twist on the KISS system

* Directors - introduce them early to Beginner Lessons

* Book of the Week - Trick 13 Barry still hasn’t finished it & it's not that risqué

* A snippet on Youth Bridge in Wellington region

* Send in your photos of the fun your Bridge Club has had and a blurb, we can have a chat about it

* Happy Birthday Dallas DAGG – hip hip hooray

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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