The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 12 February 2020

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  It’s a numbers show today
  Who would have thought that we talk numbers so often


Rotorua Teams

Grand slams for Africa at Rotorua – wow – plenty to be had there

     Winners    - Malcolm Smith, Karen Harris, Evelyn Hurley, Kathy Yule
     Handicap Winners    - John Driscoll, Rona Driscoll, Heini Lux, Alan Dick

Forcing Bids

      Barry yaks about these - it should be so simple
      Game force is game force
      Support with support

Gold Coast Congress

      Another excellent Congress to go to
      We have reached out to Tim Runting – the Convenor
      Hope to get an update with what’s happening over there
      The Corona virus – we wonder what if any impact it may have on the event
Gold Coast Life Saver

Waihi All Grades March 14th

      Get your entry in
      1st cab off the rank for the new Restricted League

Team Mates Announced for the Mixed Teams going to Italy

      Welcome - Sam and Jo Simpson
      What’s the cost per person? – we had a quick tally up
      Book in your seats…
Shipping Crates

Post card from Scotland

      We have an update from Sam Punch
      Keep Bridge Alive Pro Am is next weekend in London

Judge Julie

      Here’s looking at you darling…
      Apple pie

Tip of the week

      At the 5 level - no wrinkles here

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