The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 8 April 2020

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  Auckland Bridge Club and Patrick and Julie

  For starting the wave of BBO sessions for our fellow bridge addicts

Tournaments cancelled

  Tournaments are being cancelled left right and centre

  How can I get my 31 odd A points – ok 31.5 A points

Bridge Base Online

  Getting our fix here is amazing left right and centre

  Hope you are getting enough access

  We share some numbers with you

A car

  Is it naughty to keep on travelling outside your local bigger bubble?


Lifting weights

  Weak 2’s and Pre empts

  Here a refresh in today’s show

  It’s all about system cards – is there an echo in the house

  STATS - Wahoo

  6414 podcast hits

  Thanks people for supporting The Bridge Zone powered by NZ Bridge

  Have a good week everyone

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