The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 15 April 2020

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Have Fun......

  We share a funny with you

  Have you experienced some hilarious moments whilst at a tournament or session

  Let us know and if we read it out – we’ll send you something from The Bridge Zone Prize Cupboard

A passport



  Our fabulous Judge Julie returns to the show
  The Judge and Bailiff have been very busy providing Bridge to us Kiwis

  Alan Morris confirms a Club Health Check will be sent to all Clubs
  Testing the waters on how they are faring during the Level 4 lockdown
  We also pass on some of his points stated in his latest newsletter

  Please go onto NZB website to read the full version     Click here to read

Have a chat
  We chat about 1NT

  Suggestions when doubled, if you double Opps 1NT, interference
  and balancing – who, what, when, why and how

Have a fantastic week 3 of lockdown whanau

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