The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 22 April 2020

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

Zoom Pub Quizzes on the rise

Trivia Night

  Have you joined one lately as well…

Barry Jones and Donald Trump
  Mereana wins $2…. or not

Goat the goat

         Judge Julie rules on gloating, alerts, chatting and possibility of gaining masterpoints

         Watch out and be careful on what you type as chat

         Posting chat during bidding, chats to the table, security whilst playing online and ethical behaviour

         Thanks to the directors helping with the online sessions

  No phones !

         A personal insight on JJ’s life as Julie shares some Easter memories

Playing Bridge online

  Has this had an impact on your Bridge….has there been a massive disruption to your Bridge routines…

  We have an offer from our friend Prof. Sam Punch from Scotland – Stirling University asking if we would be happy to

  participate in a new Bridge Research Project with her team

  We said yes, but it was more like yeah boy!!!

Bridge – A MindSport for All BAMSA

Would you like to join us…..

Please reach out to us as we would love to have a large number of KIWI volunteers, sharing their experience of Covid 19 and its impact, of our enjoyment of the game Bridge

What a wonderful way to contribute - Sam continues with the Keep Bridge Alive campaign and now you can add your 2 cents worth as well

Email us and we will send you the information

Anyone is welcome to share their views

In due course, all findings will be freely available and the final report will be sent to all participants

What are you waiting for……….

Have a great week everyone and spare a thought for Judge Julies’ grandson

  Teddy bear !

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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