The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 27 May 2020

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The seven dwarfs

  The Seven Dwarfs or some of them get a mention on the Bridge Zone

         Judge Julie is in the house and we talk up a storm

         Nigella has a question for his favourite Judge

         But what do you self alert, how much is giving too much information to the opps

         What is it about alerting…some still find it hard

         Hand evaluation – up or down – whatever feels right!

         We all open slightly outside partnership system

         Remember the last time you opened a strong 2C – did you actually have 23

         Weak 2’s – vul against non vul – how many hcp’s do you really need?

         Sometimes you just have to get in there, don’t you

         How many ways can you value your hand?

The Litmus Test

         The Litmus test

         How many times has your partner rolled their eyes when you put dummy down?

         When it becomes more than often then your explanation should be reviewed

         Barry gets the sack as a Director on BBO

         He got his marching papers or something similar.....

  Someone getting a kick in the rear

         Judge Julie tells us about her lessons and the presentations she has been facilitating

         Socialisation is mentioned, playing or director – whose prefers what.. mis-clicks, BBO chat, CAPITALS is shouting, undo’s

         How long do you have to ask a question before the table gets on your case, no emotion on BBO chat,
         how do you be bouncy when typying the chats

         Smiley faces help – who goes onto Wikipedia to look up how to do flash emojis’


         Bailiff is certainly in his element – a massive shout out to Patrick Carter

         He is definitely in his element and provides such a wonderful service to the masses of Bridge addicts around the motu

         That Knighthood must be in the pipeline

       Have a great week

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