The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 3 June 2020

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The seven dwarfs

  100 podcasts coming up

  Will we get a song out of Kate Terry again?

  What a special milestone, thank you Bridge Zone followers

  And a huge High Five to NZ Bridge, you rock

The seven dwarfs

         We finish our chat with Judge Julie

         Barry is up to play with our friend Nigella

         Can we crash BBO…watching the fun

         Auckland Social Distance Teams – the June event started this week

         Catch up with the results on their website


         Barry shouts out to the Take Out Double again

         He answers a question for me, banging the same ole drum

         Judge Julie underlines and shouts --- LEAD YOUR PARTNERS’ SUIT

  Someone getting a kick in the rear

         I interview a person I have known my entire short Bridge life

         They share some tidbits of their very lengthy Bridge world, thoughts and experiences

         Been through some super highs and super lows, we talk about partnerships , age, gender – does it matter?

         We have a fair bit of material to air and will share this over the next few weeks

         You can make you own mind up, its all interesting


         June and July

         Tournaments may be coming to Hamilton Bridge Club

         Listen all about it

       Have a great week

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