Cambridge 6's

Cambridge ran its very successful and enjoyable tournament last weekend and this could be doubly said about a couple of Hamilton Pairs. Congratulations to

The Claytons
   Ian & Cynthia Clayton ( Very nattily dressed in Suits and hats ! ) coming first in the Open competition


Trini & Catherine
   Trini Lin & Catherine Cameron in the Intermediate also with first place




Top Hamilton Team in the overall competition was DesPRats which was in 3rd placed with Karen Harris, Malcolm Smith, Ian Ross, Jenny Seavill, Lois Jones & Stewart Lawrence making up the team

Mentioned in dispatches were -

5th place in the Open Field - Karen Harris & Malcolm Smith
and also in
5th Place in the Intermediate - Ranjith Cooray & Roger Gunning

Some amazing photos of the different team outfits can be found here