Session Links


 Hamilton Tournament RealBridge Links  for 8th July 2023
Links open approx. 45 minutes to the advertised start time - please be logged in at least 15 minutes before the start time


 Hamilton Club RealBridge Links 
For Club sessions during the week starting 7th November 2022 -
Links open approx. 30 minutes prior - please be logged in at least 10 minutes before the start time

Monday evening @ 7pm -

Tuesday day ( afternoon ) @ 1pm -

Tuesday evening @ 7pm -

Wednesday evening @ 7.30pm -

Thursday evening @ 7.30pm -

Friday day ( morning ) in Richmond Room @ 10am -

Friday day ( morning ) in O'Neill Room @ 10am -



Audio Interference - It is not generally known how sensitive the microphones that come with web cameras are along with the automatic audio level controls they have built in. This means that what to the user of the camera / microphone is a very quiet background "noise" can to the rest of the table you are playing at be quite overwhelming. To help keep the ambient noise down at the tables please check for "noise" sources such as radio, TV's open windows & lawn mowers etc. and as much as possible remove or minimise the source. Your fellow players will appreciate your efforts !