Cynthia's Cards

Cynthia has updated her range of cards with a new selection for this year which includes a small number suitable for Easter

The price of those on the sales table and generic orders remains at $5 however the price of personalised cards (those that incorporate names, interests etc of the recipient) increase to $8 per card as they take a lot more time and thought to create

As most of us don't carry cash Cynthia is always happy for you to scribble an IOU on a bidding slip and pop it in the cash box, take the card(s) and pay next time, removing the note when paid. Or, Cynthia can be paid online - bank details below. ( ensure the payment is to Cynthia, not the bridge club, so that Cynthia can keep track of the admin )


What most of our members probably don't realise that the money raised from the sale of the cards comes to our Club. So rather than purchasing commercial cards why not get one of these neat handmade cards and help our Club at the same time

Cynthia's 2023 Easter Collection - click to view
Cynthia's 2023 March Collection - click to view
Cynthia's 2023 Card list - click to view
Cynthia's 2021 Card list - click to view

Cynthia can be contacted at the phone number in the Hamilton Club Programme Book or at this email address :