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May 16th on-wards Face to Face Bridge - Facemasks are OPTIONAL for all sessions

28th February on....
Bridge Lessons for 2023
1pm or 7pm sessions
Sunday 26th March
2023 WAP's - Morrinsville
 10am start and still only $10 !
Sunday 2nd April
Hamilton Restricted Pairs
10am start, Entries by 30th March
( daylight savings finishes 3am )

2023 Intermediate & Junior Pairs Winners

32 pairs in the Intermediate Pairs from Auckland to Tauranga to Rotorua to Waitomo took part in the Hamilton Clubs first tournament of the year, The Juniors only managed 12 pairs. However both groups had an enjoyable days bridge nourished by Jane's classic - Bangers, mash and peas for lunch !

The Intermediate winners on the day were Hamilton's David Taylor & Helen Rinaldi over Liz Clayton & Vicki Jacobsen from Cambridge. In the juniors it was again a Hamilton pair in first place - Debbie Weston & Don Weston followed by Christine de Vries & Hilary Williams from Rotorua.

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Waps for 2023

2023 Restricted

Sunday April 2 is a great day for bridge - enjoy an extra hours sleep due to the end of daylight savings at 3am. Then come on down to the "Club" where Hamilton hosts one of its most popular tournaments - The Hamilton Restricted, an 8B tournament which is open to Pairs in any combination EXCEPT Open – Open players. Prizes are waiting for the top pairs in each of the possible combinations – Junior/Open, Intermediate/Junior, Intermediate/Intermediate, Intermediate/Open & Junior/Junior and dependent on numbers that grade the usual top NS, EW & Overall so there are multiple ways to win a prize

Fancy playing with an Open Player then try talking to the organiser of the Wednesday evening bridge session - they are however in short supply !!!. Already have a partner then enter here.....

To get comfortable with your new partner Hamilton is running the Wednesday Restricted Pairs where the same grade conditions apply to the Pairs on the three Wednesday nights prior to the Hamilton Restricted Tournament ( starts March 15th )
So come along and get your bridge in great shape for the Hamilton Restricted

See you there.......

( maybe need a little more info - read the tournament flyer here.... )

The coming year.....

hello 2023

Welcome to Hamilton Bridge for 2023 - One hopes you have had a good break and return refreshed for a new year of Bridge. It is going to be a year of considerable challenges from which we hope the Club emerges stronger …..

Regular Bridge for the 2023 year starts next week on Monday 30th January at 7pm.
Sessions for the rest of that week continue with bridge on the same days and times as played last year ( as in last year’s programme book )

Table Money - unfortunately due to increased costs and a lower playing membership it has been necessary to increase the Table Money to $5

If you need more information on session dates then open this link using your browser to see links for all the individual sessions or the complete week as currently planned

The Club has a very uncertain year coming where we have both positive and negative issues to consider and more importantly find solutions……


The Club this year will celebrate 70 years. Plans are being worked on for a celebration bridge / dinner event later in the year to mark this occasion. Currently this is likely to take place in July
▶ Congratulations to Blair and Liz Fisher both holding the top positions for the 2022 year for the Baden Wilson Trophy ( The Baden Wilson trophy is for the top overall 'A' point earners in a calendar year based on points earned in NZ only )
▶ The increased popularity of daytime bridge and further more the increased popularity of social bridge which is helping offset the decline in competitive bridge
▶ The Club is in the position of having reasonable reserves and while decisions will need to be made these do not need to be rushed
▶ The programme books for 2023 along with the invoices for the year should be available for distribution next week


▶ The need to increase Table Money and potentially other charges. Currently the Club has at best a stable but more likely slowly declining playing membership as a result of Covid along with the effect on members of national inflation which is beginning to force the Club to make unwanted decisions…… Costs due to inflation have increased considerably over the later part of last year

As an example the Clubs insurance bill in 2019 prior to Covid was $6800. This year’s invoice for the same being $9900 – an increase of $3100. This requires a membership increase of 37 to cover just this increased sum or about 775 members playing between them that number of additional sessions – this is approx. 20 additional tables of bridge played every week through the year ! Hence our major problem……

▶ The declining numbers playing evening / night bridge. It would seem that members have lost interest in night competitive bridge. We need around 5 - 6 tables to make a session viable to cover the costs of holding that session. It would seem likely that a combining of Monday and Thursday night sessions will be necessary to cover costs as well as providing a “better playing experience” for those taking part

▶ The collapse of Wednesday night bridge at the end of last year. Our Open Players by a large margin make up the smallest percentage of the grades at the club but due to their experience and ability want the best in the way of competition. Unfortunately the small number of Open players does limit the bridge experience available locally so with the advent of Real Bridge and other On-line systems which provide a better playing experience for our Open players they are playing less at the Hamilton Club. Should this trend continue its very likely the Wednesday programme for this year will need to be re-examined

▶ WAPs - The WAP's sessions also suffered low numbers during 2022 however the results of the recent survey show a preference for the status quo with face 2 face to bridge each month on the scheduled Sunday. We will be encouraging club intermediate players along with our regular open players to experience the friendly WAP sessions

As mentioned above the year ahead has a number of challenges –

● Maximise the numbers taking lessons this year and then retaining them as future members
● Minimise as much as possible the costs in running the club without in the first instance reducing the service and
    bridge experience for the members
● Maximise the number of times our members play during the week
● Don’t give our members any reason to leave the Club for a reason the Club controls……
● Investigate whether we can better use the building to increase our income
● Is sponsorship something the Club can benefit from and if so how ?
   ( Club Open Pairs Championship and like )

The Committee
Hamilton Contract Bridge Club


The Club sadly notes the passing of the father of our President Mereana Cullen

Mereana's father passed passed away late last week. We extend our sympathy to Mereana and her family and friends

Sevens Parking for 2023

Sevens logo

Rugby 7's Car Parking
Thanks to our Volunteers -
Richard Wagstaff organised this group of helpers over the weekend 21 & 22 January to manage the car parking around our club building. In addition to the $4000 prepaid car parking from the Sevens organisers for the weekend the group raised a further $1392 by clever configurations and the use of the grounds next door. Some of the additional income is to be shared with Waikato Kindergarten and Plunket next door for the use of their car parking areas.

Geoff Turner
Steve Weir
Mark Beavan
Steve Baptist
Marilyin Webby
Barbara Daly
Kevin Daly
Tim Seavill
Roger Johnstone
Richard Wagstaff
Nigel Gresson
Richard Fletcher
Karen Mackenzie
Don Weston
Cherie Barton
Bill Bailey
Ian Clayton
Hugh Barton
Laura Sommerville

Manning the gate for the 2023 event



Richard ( 2nd from right ) with Roger Gunning , Roger Johnstone , Stephen Weir and "their band of helpers !"

Click on the photograph for a larger view

Welcome to Bridge for 2023

Welcome to 2023
Bridge for 2023

Welcome to 2023 and a new year of bridge at the Hamilton Club. One hopes you were able to take advantage of what has been a great period of settled summer weather and now you are ready for the challenges of bridge. Even Covid seems to have taken a holiday of sorts. Long may it continue !

Summer Bridge - this starts again on Tuesday 10th January and continues for the following 3 weeks to the end of the month - should you need all the Summer Bridge dates then click this link here . Once summer bridge concludes the regular bridge programme will commence.....

Table Money - unfortunately the New Year brings a cost increase for all of us players with Table Money increasing to $5. The Club like everyone else has suffered with increased expenses and along with a reduction in the number of members playing we need to minimise as much as possible our losses. Mereana, our President, will be expanding on this subject here in the near future. To help your Club the best thing you can do is for you to play and to encourage your friends to also play.

2023 Programme Book - This is close to being complete but the Club is waiting for approval from external parties and for our printers to return from their Xmas break to progress

Lessons - The other thing you can do to help the Club with is the forthcoming Bridge Lessons - the Club each year needs new members to make up for the natural turnover of members so if you have friends, family, neighbours, workmates who could be interested in bridge then send them a copy of the link below


Happy Bridge

Summer Bridge 2022 - 2023

Hamilton Bridge Summer Bridge

Hamilton is hosting Face to Face Summer Bridge 4 times a week in December & January. The hosting period excludes the period over the Xmas / New Year holiday break. The sessions are dependent on sufficient numbers taking part !

Summer Bridge - Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday evenings & Friday morning:

Tuesday days at 1:00pm      Jan 10,  Jan 17,  Jan 24 

Tuesday nights at 7:00pm    Jan 10,  Jan 17,  Jan 24 

Thursdays at 7:30pm      Jan 12,  Jan 19,  Jan 26 

Fridays at 10:00am       Jan 13,  Jan 20,  Jan 27 

Summer Bridge is open to ALL grades and ALL players ( members of all bridge clubs )

Regular Table Money applies ( payment where possible via Compa$$ )

Summer bridge is stand-alone scratch only - a free session of bridge at Hamilton is given to NS & EW or 1st & 2nd winners

Lessons 2023


 one minute on bridge lessons......
  The Hamilton Club will be running lessons on "How to Play Bridge" this year - 2023
 These lessons are currently planned to start in late February or early March with the choice of an afternoon or evening lesson time.

The Club - which is all of us - really needs the lessons to be successful so we can keep the Club running as it does now !
In a typical year our membership falls by around 10%, so without lessons and the resulting new members our current membership of approx. 240 is going to in time become a smaller with increasing "subs". Covid is not helping maintain the membership with those with medical conditions no longer playing, members playing at night dramatically down and the splitting of membership between on-line and face to face bridge when the Club gets little benefit from the membership

So that the Club will survive for a long time into the future our membership needs to grow so encourage your family, friends, work colleagues etc. to come along to the next set of lessons session
So if you or someone you know are considering the lessons we would love you to come along and learn the "great game" then click this link to take you to the page with further info and where you can register either yourself or your friends

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