Situations Vacant - Club Secretary

Situations Vacant - Club Secretary

The committee recently received Donna's resignation and is reluctantly now looking for a replacement Secretary. Donna has been with us from 2018 and has constantly been a welcoming feature around the club.
Note that this coming week, 6th July on Donna's not in the office on Wednesday so should you want to see her Tuesday and Friday are the days. We wish Donna all the best of luck for her future endeavors

We are looking for a friendly, well organised, flexible person who enjoys working within a club environment. The Secretary attends to our administrative requirements and acts as a contact person with club members, service providers and parties who hire our club rooms.

Experience in the following areas is required:
     general office procedures
     application of accounting software e.g. Xero or similar
     processing of electronic financial transactions

Main skills required:
     communication, both written and verbal
     excellent time management
     ability to work independently and to be proactive
     ability to learn new software applications

This is a part-time position - 10 hours per week over 3 mornings
                                            attendance at monthly committee meetings ( 2nd Thursday of the month @ 5pm )

A full job description is available from Donna in the Club office

To apply please send CV with a covering letter to

Closing date - 5 pm on 13th July

2020's Soup & Bun

Soup bun for 2020

It's Soup & Bun time for 2020.......

Check the dates on the notice boards at the Club and join us on one or all of the dates each month in July, August and September for a light lunch followed by a single session of Bridge

NZ Congress 2020 - updated

URGENT MESSAGE - National Congress 2020

On Thursday 25 June the Management of the Distinction Hotel Hamilton advised New Zealand Bridge that they would not be honouring our booking for the 2020 National Congress. The venue is to be used as a quarantine facility for returning Kiwis until at least January 2021.

We will over the next 10 days look at options to relocate the Congress. This if at all possible, may be at a different time, and is likely not be in Hamilton.

At this point we ask that you hold off making any travel and accommodation bookings. Please don’t make any online entries or payments.

We are exceedingly disappointed with this situation and will do our absolute best to find a workable alternative for 2020.

Alister Stuck
National Secretary, New Zealand Bridge

Cashless Bridge - updated

The cashless system - Compa$$

Thank you to all the members who have paid in advance for their table money, either to the Directors or online - one member who shall remain nameless is expecting good things from his bridge this year and deposited $150. Thanks also to our Directors who received this small mountain. The good news is, they will not need to collect any more.

The amounts received are being credited to your Compass$$ accounts this week. We will be sending out an email after the end of the month when all the money received and session deductions made so far are detailed on your account. Please check it and let us know of any anomalies - being a new system, there is sure to be a couple. We are joining several bridge clubs in the Waikato region who are benefiting from this excellent addition to our existing scoring package. Please keep in mind that many hours have been spent setting up this system by club members giving up their leisure time plus the many many hours author Bob Fearn spent writing this innovative programme as well as the support he gives us with both Compass and Compass$$.
Any teething issues we are experiencing are due to Dave and myself learning to understand the process of implementing this new programme, introduced in order to improve the club's procedures and members' enjoyment.

As a reminder, all you need to do in the future is to transfer an amount to the club's bank account - 01 0315 0381282 01 - or pay to Donna during office hours.


The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 24 June 2020

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A spa salon

  Singing Happy Birthday, whoop whoop

  100th episode – it’s here

A spa salon

  Welcome Alan Morris – thanks for the kind words Boss

  Alan shares with us what’s been happening within NZ Bridge
  Catching up with the Clubs and gaining feedback has proved a positive initiative
  He talks with his counterparts and confirms the jealousy
  We agree – the Bridge World is envious of us
  Alan and I are going to get the Jones man to sing

  Ps I did it yeah boi – What do you think of his singing?

A spa salon

  Judge Julie racks 50+ shows with The Bridge Zone

  She’s happy continuing to answer your questions
  Keep sending them in – now that we are back at the Clubs
  Her list of questions will grow again


  I Dunno makes its debut

  Who are you – who who, who who
  I really want to know
  Whooooo are you

  Join us in the celebration of the 100th show with caller #3

   Tournaments this weekend

      Spa Town Teams and Wellington 10A

  Enjoy and have a great week

  See you at the tables

Poker Face Have a great week

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 17 June 2020

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The seven dwarfs

      One more week listeners – such a nice Birthday milestone to have reached

      We have tears on the Bridge Zone today, Master Jones is huffing and puffing, very unfit and lateness is a
      poor excuse for running

      We’re back to the Clubs and things are a little different

      The Electronic Movement is making itself know – some Bridge Clubs and The Co-operative Bank are reducing
      their footprint on legal tender

      Looking to implement vouchers, electronic payment for table money, Auckland and Hamilton reviewing programmes
      to deduct from the Bridge Mates etc – some Clubs are already there

      Hamilton Bridge Club is making available Breakfast before Bridge on Friday morning

      What a nice idea….

The Litmus Test

      Will Barry break out his wallet and let some moths out

      Wayne Burrows shares a moment in his Bridge Life and how he coped with personal tragedy

      Judge Julie rules on hesitation, her preferred form of exercise and potentially screaming Directors - psychology degrees?

Someone getting a kick in the rear

  that’s right – don’t step on it – it makes you cry….

      We welcome Alan Morris next week

      Barry steals a tip from Bob H


      I Dunno! – the new segment on The Bridge Zone

      Can you stump the wise old owl?

      Ring or email us and if Father Jones can’t answer – the prize is yours

      Catch you next week

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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WABBL - you well maybe wondering what this acronym stands for and you certainly deserve to know.....

WABBL = Welcome All Back to Bridge Lunch

Jane has expanded into new food directions just to help the Club celebrate the re-start of Bridge @ Hamilton

So if you have a little time on Friday join her and some of your committee at the Club after Friday bridge - Servings will start at the conclusion of bridge ( Lunch & Bridge for only $10 )

Need to miss our lunch - no problem, just join us for bridge @ 9.50am

* It would be appreciated on this first day back that we all wear our Name Tags *

Bridge is good to go !

Good to Go
The Bridge Club will be open for playing sessions next week

The first competition day of each of our days will vary until all synchronise with the regular sessions in your programme book. Welcome Back Pairs will fill the void with these organised along the same lines as the Club's regular summer bridge sessions ( all players irrespective of grade can play at any session ) – each session will be stand alone with ticket winners ( vouchers ) for each session
Sessions will start as follows:

  Session   Week starting 15th June   Week starting 22nd June
  Monday    ( 7pm )   NO BRIDGE   Welcome Back Pairs
  Tuesday Day    ( 1pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Tuesday    ( 7pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Wednesday    ( 7.30pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Thursday    ( 7.30pm )   David Head Trophy Individual #1   David Head Trophy Individual #2
  Friday Day    ( 10am )   Peter Kunac Trophy round #1   Peter Kunac Trophy round #2

Health practices:

All players are required to use the hand sanitisers outside playing rooms before entering to play at the start of the session and after a toilet or cigarette break and to continue to follow the sensible health practices of:
•   staying away if you have Covid19 or flu-like symptoms or if you have a cold
•   washing your hands with soap and water
•   avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

In addition the committee has provided:
1.   a Health table - tissues and hand sanitisers will be positioned on a table in the centre of playing tables.
    Players are required to move away from the playing table if they are anticipating sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose,
    use the tissues that have been supplied, place the used tissue in the receptacle at the table and re-sanitise your hands
    before returning to your playing table

2.   masks that will be available free of charge for any member to wear during play if they so choose

New practices:
1. Table Money - the club will not collect table money in coins or give change for notes from the start of play next week.
    All players please bring notes to purchase a set of table tickets - $10 for 3 tickets ( limit of 2 sets )
    The club will shortly be moving to a system where members will pay their table money on-line (or through the Secretary)
    Table money for each session you play will then be automatically deducted from your personal Compass account each time
    your computer number is entered for a session into the Bridge Mate

2. Sets of boards used will be set aside for at least 3 days before they are dealt again

3. The Covid Tracing App QR Code will be available for members to use to record their personal movements

4. The kitchen will be open for Tea & Coffee - members will be required to sanitise their hands before entering the kitchen

First visit to the Club – ALL members are required to check that their personal details the Club has for you are correct
There is still a recommended Covid tracing requirement for clubs to follow

Have a great time returning to the tables

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 10 June 2020

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  Countdown on ….to our 100th show

  Which is not the only one that is ageing!!!

  We have a special guest getting primed to share the milestone with us

  Super Duper Exciting

  Tell all your Bridge friends that they will need to listen in – you won’t want to miss it

  And we announce the name of our new segment of The Bridge Zone

  Did you catch it? I dunno

A spa salon

  Spa Town Teams

  Anna Kalma talks about the tournament coming up June 27th

  Judge Julie

   Is off someone’s Christmas card list


  She shares fantastic news about the Auckland Bridge Club , BBO and Patrick’s last hoorah

  What a response!

  Wayne Burrows

  We have another segment of my chat

Why the   Poker Face....

Have a great week

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

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The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 3 June 2020

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves


The seven dwarfs

  100 podcasts coming up

  Will we get a song out of Kate Terry again?

  What a special milestone, thank you Bridge Zone followers

  And a huge High Five to NZ Bridge, you rock

The seven dwarfs

         We finish our chat with Judge Julie

         Barry is up to play with our friend Nigella

         Can we crash BBO…watching the fun

         Auckland Social Distance Teams – the June event started this week

         Catch up with the results on their website


         Barry shouts out to the Take Out Double again

         He answers a question for me, banging the same ole drum

         Judge Julie underlines and shouts --- LEAD YOUR PARTNERS’ SUIT

  Someone getting a kick in the rear

         I interview a person I have known my entire short Bridge life

         They share some tidbits of their very lengthy Bridge world, thoughts and experiences

         Been through some super highs and super lows, we talk about partnerships , age, gender – does it matter?

         We have a fair bit of material to air and will share this over the next few weeks

         You can make you own mind up, its all interesting


         June and July

         Tournaments may be coming to Hamilton Bridge Club

         Listen all about it

       Have a great week

Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )

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