Hamilton Bridge - Coming soon....

May 16th on-wards Face to Face Bridge - Facemasks are now optional for all sessions

From November 22nd onward....
Summer Bridge @ Club - Pairs only
Usual Start Times
12th December - 9th January
No Bridge
Resumes 10th January.....
Week prior to Christmas
Bridge Office Closed
Re-opens 20th January

Summer Bridge 2022

Hamilton Bridge Summer Bridge

Hamilton is hosting Face to Face Summer Bridge 4 times a week in December & January. The hosting period excludes the period over the Xmas / New Year holiday break. The sessions are dependent on sufficient numbers taking part !

Summer Bridge - Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday evenings & Friday morning:

Tuesday days at 1:00pm      Nov 22,  Nov 29   Dec 6  /  Jan 10,  Jan 17,  Jan 24 

Tuesday nights at 7:00pm    Nov 22,  Nov 29  Dec 6  /  Jan 10,  Jan 17,  Jan 24 

Thursdays at 7:30pm      Nov 24,  Dec 1  Dec 8  /  Jan 12,  Jan 19,  Jan 26 

Fridays at 10:00am       Nov 25,  Dec 2  Dec 9  /  Jan 13,  Jan 20,  Jan 27 
Summer Bridge is open to ALL grades and ALL players ( members of all bridge clubs )

Regular Table Money applies ( payment where possible via Compa$$ )

Summer bridge is stand-alone scratch only
A free session of bridge at Hamilton is given to NS & EW or 1st & 2nd winners

2022 Hamilton Bridge Club AGM


 Election Results 2022 - 2023

  President :   Mereana Cullen

  Vice President :   Richard Wagstaff

  Club Captain :   No Appointment
  Committee :

    Cherie Barton
    Hugh Barton
    Michael Davies
    Dave Edson
    Chris Goulding
    Laura Sommerville


 Resolutions :

  Proposals received from club members :  

  Prior to the meeting - Nil

  From the floor -
  The Club should investigate an online system for finding Bridge Partners for members   
  Referred to the committee for investigation

  Proposals received from the Hamilton Bridge Club :
  The Dates for the financial year are changed as per the resolution put to the members
  The Motion was passed with the result the financial year is 1 September to 31 August

Julie Thorburn
The annual report presented to members attending on the day is available here

Melbourne Cup

Hello everyone!


click here


Just to remind you of our special MELBOURNE CUP DAY
Tuesday, November 1st at 12.15 - Cost is $6.00 from your Compass account


How about asking a friend who has not been to bridge lately, to play with you that day ?
Just to encourage them to play at the club again.


Wear your best hat for the competition - great prizes !


Bring cash for the Sweep-stake !
( The Club can't legally use money from your Compa$$ account for a "flutter" )

The days format is as follows -

12.15pm Pay for your drawn horse
1.00 - 4.00pm Play bridge
4.00pm Afternoon tea and Best hat judging
4.30pm View the Melbourne Cup race on TV
Prior to... Please enter on notice board by 31 Oct
Look forward to seeing you there Wearing your name tag please!!


 Club Captain

Wednesday Night Bridge to Stop Face to Face

Stop for Wednesday night bridge

  Wednesday night Bridge finishes......

Due to the very poor turnout for the spring pairs (2 1/2 tables) the decision has been made to run Wednesday night bridge online only until the end of the programme year. We understand that playing online is not everyone's preference, but the club cannot run a viable evening with 2 1/2 tables.

Details of the two events that will be run on RealBridge are below.
Let's make this a viable option for the club, but this can only be achieved with your support.

 Match Committee
Message image

Leaving Bridge... What now?

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When you have made the decision on the date to leave bridge we ask you to please tell the Club of your pending departure

This advance notice lets us plan your removal from the Clubs Systems – both Compass & Compa$$ and return any surplus funds we hold on your behalf to you. Also, it will let us advise NZ Bridge of your departure thus saving us of some or all of $23 levy we pay annually for all members.

Unfortunately not all members advise the Club when they leave which means the Club continues to pay levies to NZ Bridge until we find out you've left! Also we keep sending you invoices for your annual subscription along with adding your details in the programme book

So could we try for a tidy cut when you decide to part ways with Hamilton Bridge by you contacting the secretary at the numbers / email in the programme book


2022 Waikato InterClubs

Waikato 2022 Interclub Teams

The results for Sunday's play are below. Congratulations to Hamilton as the overall winners with Te Aroha as runners-up. Congratulations also to the top two teams in each individual grade who will represent their clubs in the finals against the Bay of Plenty clubs to be held in Cambridge in August.

Grade winners/runners-up are:

Open - Matamata and Te Aroha

Intermediate - Te Aroha and Thames

Junior - Waikato and Hamilton

We trust everyone had an enjoyable day. The results took a bit longer this year as we had to process the intermediate results to be able to integrate them with the overall results.


Interclub 2022 winners

( click Read More below to see the complete results)

Compass Virtual

As Face to Face Bridge returns to be the normal format for Club bridge all those converts of RealBridge are now facing a lack of play in their favorite format. Good news that Bob Fearn, the developer of the Compass scoring program has now incorporated RealBridge and Compa$$ together to bring you CompassVirtual Bridge. So you can have the best of both with Face to Face at the Clubs and RealBridge at home - click on the image above or this link to find out a little more on Bob's modifications to RealBridge and see it it suits your future bridge plans.....

Inter-Provincial Trials

Bridge inter-provinical trials

Last weekend players from around the Waikato Bays Region took part in the trials to select our representatives for the New Zealand Inter-Provincials ( IP's ) for 2022. These are competed for in 4 flights - Open, Intermediate, Senior and Women with the actual IP's taking place on-line in November.
After 2 days competition the Hamilton Club is well represented in the overall team selected to represent the Waikato Bays Region later in the year -

Open: Barry Jones and Jenny Millington

Women: Jenna Gibbons and partner, Karen Harris and Cherie Barton

Senior: Ella Gray and Michael Neels

Well done all and good luck for the finals......

Welcome Back

No more Sunday Bridge with Phil

 Welcome Back Promotion......

I guess it’s fair to say that all Clubs across the motu are finding it difficult to rebuild and return to normal services. The whack of Covid has put not only our game but the entire basis of our normal daily grind into chaos as we try to find our true North again
We read NZ Bridge’s guidelines and are attempting to kick start Hamilton Bridge Club back into life and the very basis of this genesis comes back to... the members
The core of our programme simply needs you playing
As the Committee strives to get bums on seats, we just need a few things from you:
   Play bridge
   Become financial
   Tell a fellow bridge player to come back to play
Quite a simple but immensely effective plan

There’s even a little bonus gift/competition on offer to returning players – no cost to you, it’s just a little thanks as a coming back gesture from the Club so check out the link for the T & C’s.     Click here for the details

 Hamilton Club President

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