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  Hamilton Club - up coming Events & News
     Currently Bridge at the Club is being played @ Level 1   
  Wednesday June 23rd   Wednesday night 5A Swiss Pairs - 3rd of 3 nights   Play from 7.30pm
  Sunday 27th June   Shepherds Pie or Bangers & Mash followed by Bridge   Food @ 12 midday
  Sunday 4th July   Thames - Waikato Area Pairs #5   Play from 10am
  Saturday July 10th   Hamilton Open Teams   Play from 10am
  Saturday July 10th   Hamilton Restricted Teams - National Master or lower grade   Play from 10am

Bangers and Mash / Shephards Pie

Soup is out - Bangers & Pie are in !


Join us for Hamilton's first ever Bridge, Bangers & Mash / Shepherds pie Sunday afternoon 27th June. All Welcome


Food @ 12pm followed by Bridge @ 1.00pm - all for only $8
( no cash needed - Payment by your Compa$$ account for all Hamilton Members )


Names on the notice board list in the Richmond Room please

Barry's Improver Lessons #2

Weapons for your Defence !


Barry Jones hosts the second lesson in this series on Friday July 2nd @ 7pm


This lesson "Weapons for your Defence" follows on from May and is aimed at our advanced Junior and Intermediate members with the view to help improve their bridge playing.
The evening will feature a discussion on these subjects followed by playing some pre-dealt hands followed by a discussion on your play - cost $5

Garage Sale

Well done all

The Garage Sale


Thanks for all the donations


$1500+ raised on the day

Nice Chums

Big apologies - the latest newsletter omitted the results from the Friday morning "Nice Chums" ( NC ) group

Our Club has a regular Bridge Session that apart from Friday players is largely unknown to the rest of the Club - the self named "NICE CHUMS". This group of members plays regularly on Friday mornings enjoying the sociability of the group and consists largely of members who have completed our lessons in the past few years.

For those NC members who have asked about handicaps - handicaps are calculated using the average results for each player for all the times they have played in the NC sessions for up to the last 18 months. Players that have scored above average over that time get a negative handicap while those that are below average get a positive handicap - these can range from +10 to -10 with most being between +3 and -3. Then the handicap results for NC sessions are found by adjusting each Raw Score by that "average result" handicap for each player.
These handicaps are (re)calculated around three times throughout a year at a time when a competition has concluded

2021 results for the Friday NC are:

Hamilton Bridge - Nice Chums results for 2021
NC Friday Summer Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Michelle Paterson & Chris Goulding 1. Tim Seavill & Peter Craig
2. Sean Dwyer & Kevin Brown 2. Michelle Paterson & Chris Goulding
NC Charles Holland-Goodwin Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Kevin Brown & Sean Dwyer 1. Debbie Weston & Don Weston
2. Roger Johnstone & Mary Waldron 2. Kevin Brown & Sean Dwyer
NC Anne Archbold Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Jannie van Schagen & Michael Davies 1. Jannie van Schagen & Michael Davies
2. Mary Waldron & Roger Johnstone 2. Mary Waldron & Roger Johnstone
NC Eileen Hartstone Individuals
Scratch Handicap
1. Roger Johnstone 1. Roger Johnstone
2. Chris Goulding 2. Jutta Morgan

2021 Restricted Tournament

Players at Hamilton Bridge's Pairs Tournament
Click on an image for a larger view

Forty eight Pairs competed in this years Restricted Tournament with our overall winners being the Hamilton Intermediate - Open pair of Don Macpherson & Jenny Millington (above). We did not quite match the numbers of the last Restricted event the Club ran but it was an excellent and well enjoyed tournament with food provided by Jane and her team of many helpers.
Many thanks to the days Sponsor - Ryman Healthcare and The Linda Jones Retirement Village
Congratulations to the the winners and all who took part.....

Junior / Junior

  • Mareli Esterhuysen & Kathryn Morgan - Rotorua / Rotorua
  • Clifford Lazarus & Delande Lazarus - Waikato / Waikato

Intermediate / Junior

  • Bill Bailey & Margaret Boyd - Hamilton / Hamilton
  • Janet Livingston & Eunice Eccles - Cambridge / Cambridge

Intermediate / Intermediate

  • Sheila Lister & Anne Williamson - Te Awamutu / Te Awamutu
  • Eileen Lumsden & Joan Craig - Huntly / Huntly

Open / Junior

  • Elaine Hickel & Ian Clayton - Hamilton / Hamilton
  • Stephen Weir & Cherie Barton - Hamilton / Hamilton

Open / Intermediate

  • Don Macpherson & Jenny Millington - Hamilton / Hamilton
  • Elaine Rayner & Gary Foidl- Hamilton / Hamilton

Players at Hamilton Bridge's Pairs Tournament

Compa$$ - Registration

Smiley face

    Compa$$ is going live !!

From April, members will be able to log into your individual Compa$$ account at any time to check your balance. These notes show the actions necessary to let a member create a user so they are then able to access the Compa$$ Database and view some or all transactions for that account.

This step is important -
Prior to gaining access to Compa$$ you must register with the online compa$$ and you will need to set up a user name / password. This user name will not exist until you complete this step and can be anything you like however to assist fault finding a related name would be helpful ( if we were registering "Micky Mouse" something like MickyM would be a good starting place ).

To view the two screens required to be filled in then click here

The correct web address is required -
If you manually enter the site address into the browser NOTE the 3 's' in "mycompasss"
Alternatively if you use a link this access to the online version is via either the link on the Club’s website or directly via this link to and then follow the steps below:

  1.   not registered ? click on sign up here
  2.   click on and fill in your user-name, nz bridge number, email address and a password
      ( please, choose both a sensible user-name & password ( 6 characters min ) - record them for future use... )
      ( should you reset your password there can be a moderate delay before the reset email arrives )
  3.   click the captcha I am not a robot
  4.   click sign up

Once all the necessary information is entered and has been accepted a new screen for Compass Scoring System will appear.
Click on Compa$$ Accounts and your account data for the last processed period will appear on your screen.
You can change to any vaild date range if you want to see your transactions prior to the last processed period
Please note that credits for winning an event are only processed at the end of each month

If you need assistance, Ella will help you set up a login after play on Tuesday afternoon, 6 April and will hold an extended tutorial at 9.30 on Friday 9 April

Direct access to Compa$$ information page via this web site is via the link in the RESULTS sub-menu on the front page - ( see below ). This removes the need to open a new browser page and enter the site address etc.

Smiley face

    Login to Compa$$ Administration pages -  

     Provides for -
     First time registration
     Password replacement
     Compa$$ data access

2021 Intermediate, Junior and Novice Pairs

Hamilton on 27 March hosted it's second ever combined Junior, Intermediate & Novices Pairs tournaments. With 55 pairs taking part it was a small increase of 1 pair over last year! This year most players came from the area immediately around Hamilton with a smattering of players from Tauranga thru Putaruru to Waitomo. This tournament was the first hosted by Hamilton with NZ Bridge's changed rating requirements for open players so there was a changed cross section of players and abilities which overall made for a good days bridge

Players at Hamilton Bridge's Pairs Tournament

Level 2 Lock-down - Saturday 6th March update

The Government yesterday announced the Level 2 lock-down currently in effect for New Zealand excluding Auckland will end at 6.00am on Sunday 7th March

With this change back in Hamilton to Lock-down Level 1 all bridge played at the Club will again use the Club's current "normal" rules - masks are optional, kitchen is open etc..... This will apply to all bridge played at the Club from Monday 8th March

Nigel - on behalf of the Club

2021 Bridge Lessons - more is better........

Bridge lessons for 2021 start shortly on the 16th and 19th and there has been a good response to the advertising, flyers etc. but even more beginners would be better.
The Club - which is all of us - really needs the lessons to be successful so we can keep the Club running as it does now! In a typical year our membership falls by around 10%, so without lessons and the resulting new members our current membership of approx. 270 is going to in time become a lot smaller with the remaining membership looking sad due to their "subs" becoming unaffordable.

So that the Club will survive for a long time into the future our membership needs to grow so encourage your family, friends, work colleagues etc. to come along to the next lessons session ( if they can't make the first sessions of lessons then the following week while not opportune will be okay )

Ella Gray & Mereana Cullen are running the lessons this year - further info on the lessons and contact details can be found here

To help the "sales job" along a nice little piece from a previous Hamilton Press talking to Barry & Jenny on bridge can be found here - show it to friends and family to hopefully interest them.....

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