Summer Bridge 2023 - 2024

Hamilton Bridge Summer Bridge

Hamilton is hosting Summer Bridge 4 times a week in December & January. The hosting period excludes the period over the Xmas / New Year holiday break and the first week of January due to an extended room hire.
The sessions are all dependent on sufficient numbers taking part

Summer Bridge - Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday evenings & Friday morning:

Tuesday days at 1:00pm     Nov 21,  Nov 28,  Dec 5     Jan 16,  Jan 23 

Tuesday nights at 7:00pm     Nov 21,  Nov 28,  Dec 5     Jan 16,  Jan 23 

Thursdays at 7:30pm         Nov 24,   Dec 1,   Dec 8     Jan 18,  Jan 25 

Fridays at 10:00am          Nov 25,  Dec 2,    Dec 9     Jan 19,  Jan 26 

Friday Summer Bridge is available in both the Richmond & O'Neill ( Juniors and Novices ) Rooms

Summer Bridge is open to ALL grades and ALL players ( members of all bridge clubs )

Regular Table Money applies ( payment where possible via Compa$$ )

Summer bridge is stand-alone scratch only - a free session of bridge at Hamilton is given to NS & EW or 1st & 2nd winners

Note - The start of Summer Bridge in January 2024 is one week later than usual.
    Regular bridge at Hamilton starts on the Monday of the week commencing 29 January

Happening soon.....


  Hamilton Events :
2023 on-wards is Face to Face Bridge - Face masks are OPTIONAL for all sessions
 Date  Event  Detail
Wednesday 1st November on.... NO WEDNESDAY BRIDGE Wednesday session finished for year
Friday 10th November Loveblock NZ Wide Pairs CANCELLED due to numbers
Sunday 19th November Hamilton Bridge AGM Times to be confirmed
Tuesday 21st November on..... Summer Bridge commences Some sessions only - TBC
Updates - Newsletter November 2023 Newsletter now available Click here to open

Notice of 2023 AGM Meeting

AGM logo

The Hamilton Bridge Club AGM - Sunday 19 November at 2pm

▶ 2pm AGM commences
▶ Conclusion of the AGM - SGM to vote on Constitution changes
▶ Selected Premium Trophies will be presented ( majority of the prizes are presented at the session "party nights" )
▶ At conclusion of the prize presentation ( AGM ) "fun bridge" commences till approx 5.30pm
▶ After bridge Dinner concludes the event

Mereana Cullen
1 November 2023

Hamilton Constitution update

Hamilton Bridge - Constitution Update


At the 2023 AGM meeting the Hamilton Bridge Club intends to introduce a resolution for the members to vote on changes to the current constitution. The vote for these changes will take place at a Special General Meeting ( SGM ) to be held immediately after the AGM. The vote is a simple YES / NO vote - there is no discussion on the content so concerns or suggestions need to be resolved prior to the meeting and "Constitution Lock" date of November 8th

The reason for the updated constitution – in 2020 the Government announced and then in 2022 passed a parliamentary bill with a lot of changes to the Incorporated Society legislation. These changes will have a number of impacts on the Hamilton Contract Bridge Club and will require a multitude of changes to the Club constitution and practices at the Club

However, more importantly, Inland Revenue has identified a problem it has with the Hamilton Club’s current constitution which it requires the Club to fix this year or the Club will lose its current tax exemption !!

As this must take place this year the Club is using the opportunity to make a start on the changes it will ultimately need to make. The changes proposed for the coming SGM, with the exception of one item ( this adds “Conflicts of Interest” ), concentrate on making the constitution reflect current working practices at the Club thus getting them out of the way and allowing the Club to concentrate on the changes due to the Government.


Further information is available on the links below

Proposed Constitution -

The New Constitution to be voted on @ SGM

Current Constitution showing the changes to be made to the current Constitution

Summary of the future changes required by the Government Legislation and the 2022 Act


Incorporated Societies -

Incorporated Societies - a short introduction

Information on Incorporated Societies (links)


Prior versions of the Hamilton Constitution -

Versions of the Hamilton Club Constitutions


Should you require more information on the changes proposed, disagree or wish to comment on them then contact the Club secretary @ or speak to one of the Committee. Comments or changes must be with the secretary before they close on the 8th November.

Wednesday Night Bridge FINISHED for the Year !

Wednesday night event Change

Wednesday Night Bridge for 2023 has Ended....


Hello all

After weighing up a number of factors it has been decided that the last Wednesday event for the year will not go ahead. It was not really going to be possible to play a teams event due to numbers and a pairs event was definitely going to be down in numbers.
I have tried to get at least 6 tables going this year and I think by and large we have achieved that.
I could see that enthusiasm for the last event starting next week was low.
Rather than ask a small group to gather I think we should re-energize and look to get the Wednesday group going again in the new year.
However I would still encourage you to join up next week with the players on either Monday or Thursday evening who will no doubt be pleased to see you and add to their table numbers

Thanks for playing this year on Wednesday evenings  


Shirley Waymouth

Thank you Shirley

Unless one is a "dedicated follower" of competitions and the various cups and trophies the Hamilton Club use to identify its numerous competitions one could be excused for not knowing who Shirley Waymouth was. Shirley was a very long term member of Hamilton Club, joining back in the early sixties and being active through until the nineties. In 1990 she was recognised for all she had done for the Club being awarded Life Membership to the Hamilton Bridge Club. The Club's Friday players in the Richmond room still compete for the Waymouth Trophy for the annual Championship pairs.
Life was more difficult back when Shirley started bridge - no computers or dealing machines so her passion for scoring as described below meant a tough job compared with today..... It wasn't that easy for the players either - at the end of the session there was no just walking away - the cards had to be all sorted by suit and value before being returned to the holders !

Shirley passed away at the end of 2022 but as a final act of great generosity bequeathed the sum of $10,000 to the Club. The committee is investigating what this generous sum can be used for, as we would like the "item" to be something Club members can see, admire or use on a regular basis. If any member has a suggestion these are welcome - pass them along to the committee or the Club's secretary

The Club has in a small way started the process by re-naming the Hamilton Congress Open Pairs which is played annually at Labour Weekend to the Hamilton Shirley Waymouth Pairs, The first playing of the event with its new name takes place next month on the 21st October @ Hamilton's Labour Weekend Congress

Shirley Waymouth  Life Nomination

Mount Maunganui Intermediate Winners

Congratulations - Megan and Leanne - 1st place Mount Maunganui Intermediate

Megan and Leanne
Well Done

Hamilton 5A WInners

Barry & Jenny

Hamilton 5A Teams

Congratulations to the Team with Hamilton's Barry & Jenny - winners of Saturdays on-line 5A Teams tournament . 4th place was filled by the Team containing Blair and Liz Fisher


Well done

40 teams ( 160 players ! ) from the top to the bottom of NZ along with a smattering of our cousins from over the ditch took part. Thanks to those Hamilton members who helped make up numbers to make the day flow

Hamilton 5A Teams Winner List

These are the winners for the Hamilton 5A Open teams played on-line on Saturday where prizes were awarded for the first 7 places in the Open Teams and first 2 places for the Restricted Team winners
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who took part in an enjoyable day

5A Open Teams
1st Barry Jones Jenny Millington Patrick Carter Lachie Shea
2nd Judy McLeod Derek Evennett Kate Terry Judy Pawson
3rd Murat Genc Jeff Miller Debbie McLeod Brian Cleaver
4th Blair Fisher Liz Fisher Colin Carryerd Sandra Calvet
5th Brad Johnston Ged Pfeifer Lydia Turley Phil Noye
6th Ian Moore Pam Moore Sam Simpson Jo Simpson
7th Colin Haywood Morgan Booker Laura Griffin Jack James
5A Restricted Teams
1st Anthea Black Sandie Wright Bridget Hannaway Tony Quinlivan
2nd Nick Edginton Rhonda Graham Steve Colling Mary Colling

Ladies Day Winners

22 pairs took part the Hamilton Ladies Day Mixed (Intermediate) Event with the winners Eileen Barker & Anne Berben coming from the Putaruru Club.
Second and third places were both from the Hamilton Club - in 2nd place Barbara Daly & Lucie Armstrong and in 3rd Helen Rinaldi & Catherine Cameron.

Many thanks to the days sponsor Craigs Investment Partners for helping make the day the success it was.

Unfortunately the Open Event needed to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. The problem experienced with the hand records being incorrect for the 2nd session has been corrected with the correct hands now on the web site

Craigs Chantal Baxter (left), Hamilton Vice President, Richard Wagstaff (right) with Hamilton Ladies Mixed (Intermediate) Pairs winners from Putaruru Eileen Barker & Anne Berben

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