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  Hamilton Events :
2023 on-wards is Face to Face Bridge - Face masks are OPTIONAL for all sessions
 Date  Event  Detail
Tuesday 5th March Bridge Lessons for 2024 commence Hours 7pm till 9.30pm
Sunday 7th April Restricted Pairs Tournament Start 10am - 2 sessions
Sunday 28th April WAPS - Matamata 10am start - $15 Entry
Tuesday 7th May Craig Investments Tournament Start 10am - 2 sessions

Thursday Night Programme Changes

Thursday night events Changes

Intermediate / Junior Teams Championships date changes
Principal change is the Championship Teams now starts April 4th
( Thursday after Easter ) running on new dates for the next 5 weeks

The reasoning behind this is Numbers for Thursday night have been poor and variable as regards numbers wise this year along with ANZAC day falling on a Thursday.
This makes running a Teams Competition very difficult for the the Director / Partner Steward as Teams requires requires the same numbers for each week of the event. In addition the event needs a reasonable number of Teams to make the event interesting and competitive for the players.
Due to the numbers experienced this year it has been decided to change the event to a Butler Pairs event ( Swiss type scoring like Teams ) starting on April 4. This will allow for greater latitude in the number of players each week as it has no need to be the same as that for the starting week of the competition.
The championships will be held as advertised for both Intermediate and Junior Grades

Consequential changes

Due to the changes to the teams dates -

April 4th - May 2nd : Championships Teams held as Butler Pairs - new start time of 7pm from April 11

May 9th - May 23th : changes to Thursday Winter Pairs

May 30th - Jun 13th : changed to Thursday Butler Pairs

Hamilton Bridge Match Committee

Thursday Evening START TIME

Working hard - the Intermediate, Junior and Novice Pairs

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament 1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

Welcome to the 2024 Hamilton Bridge Club's Intermediate, Junior and Novice Pairs

Thank you to our Sponsor   

Saturday, 16 March and the Club hosted 14 tables for the Intermediate Pairs and 11 tables in the Junior / Novice Pairs. What a terrific group they were - very few complaints, a very quiet time for the directors, they purchased nearly all the raffle tickets and the majority stayed for the prize giving having first severely dented the bar stock !
The Club does want to apologise for a delay at the beginning due to an issue with one set of the boards and later the failure of a printer - it worked the day prior but on the day nothing which caused a delay in printing 1st sessions personal score records
The bridge wasn't bad at all......

The winners were -
( click any of the photos for a larger view )

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament Intermediate Pairs
Robin Stevenson & Deirdre Oliver
East Coast Bays
1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament Junior Pairs
Lyudmyla Watts & Heather Sharp
1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament Novice Pairs
Shirley De Almeida & Tilak De Almeida

Photos of the runners of Hamilton Intermediate and Junior Pairs

WAPs for 2024

And finally the end of the roof.......

Observant Members will have noticed the Bridge club-rooms building and more importantly the roof and turrets have been restored to a state close to that when the building was constructed in the early seventies.
Richard Wagstaff has been responsible for the project - from the finding of a suitable contractor, writing the grants to obtain the finance and then overseeing the work process - thank you Richard. This project was the repair of the sloping parts of the roof and turrets and then re-coating the Decramastic tiles which cover the sloping roof. Thanks also go to Jol Glyde for the repair and sealing of the flat parts of the roof and and the barge boards edging the roof which was a prerequisite for the turret repair. Together they have refurbished the roof such that the Club should not have any concern about problems for a considerable period.

The Club has to thank the three Charities which together equally contributed three quarters of the cost of the project - WEL Energy Trust, Trust Waikato and Pub Charity Ltd. Without them the the job would be still waiting to commence so many thanks to each of them from a very grateful Bridge Club

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament 1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament 1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament


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Two long time players at the Hamilton Club both sadly passed away recently -

Thelma Bird, a long time member of the Club, passed away at the beginning of last week. We extend our sympathy to her family and friends

Hermanna Hemmes was not a member of our Club but was well known, playing tournaments here on many occasions. Hermanna was the mother of of our past member Anna Kalma. The Club extends our sympathy to Henk, Anna and Guy and the family and friends

Lessons 2024

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Details on 2024 Lessons updated 1 February
- see the LESSONS TAB above

Programme Book Corrections


 Additions / Updates - Programme Book corrections

  Tuesday Day Summer Pairs - the 3rd session date should be March 5
  Tuesday Day - Monica Heard Trophy- Dates should be March 12, 19, 26
  Social Events (page 42) - Dates yet to be confirmed

Web Site Updates


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