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At the 2020 AGM the members present elected Joan Egger as a Life Member of the Hamilton Bridge Club. Joan joins a very select group of 16 that have been so honoured since the Club started 68 years ago. Joan hasn't been a member of the Hamilton Bridge Club quite that long but has been a member 30 years since joining in 1990

Outside playing a lot of bridge in her time here ( she regularly appears near the top of the yearly list of most sessions played ) she has held a number of roles in the management of the club:
President - 2008 / 2009
Vice President - 2006 / 2007 and 2010 / 2011
Committee Member - 1998/ 2001 and again in 2005
Scorer / Scoring Steward - 2000 - 2005
Partner Steward - 2000 - 2001
Dealer and Dealing Steward - 2007 - 2015
Bar custodian - 2008 - 2016

Joan was always involved when the club introduced new technology - Compass scoring, the dealing machines and the Bridge mates. (Compass was introduced around 2005, the first dealing machine in 2007 and the Bridge mates around 2010)

In addition to the above Joan has also been constantly involved in many other aspects of the organisation of the Hamilton Bridge Club such as working in the kitchen at tournaments over many years, billeting players from out of town attending our tournaments and generally assisting at tournaments, helping where ever she is needed

Joan continues to willingly assist in any job asked of her e.g. cleaning the kitchen cups and organising the prize trophies, and always done in a pleasant and co-operative manner

Joan is a great addition to the Club's Life Members

Ella & David

P.S. If you consider there is a club member who deserves this recognition then information on "the how" can be found here


Dealing board Bridge Boards - where would we be without them ?  Boards - those slightly strange shaped pieces of plastic that contain the cards for each bridge hand - make up a large part of the behind the scene activities at our Bridge Club

Did you know your Club deals around 10,000 hands each year for our regular Club play ?  Hands dealt for our Tournaments come on top of this again

So how does all of this happen ?  Prior to the start of each year the folks who run X-Club produce a set of deal files - one for each day or evening for every day of the year. These they then make available to the Club for use in our Dealing Machine to produce the boards for playing the board and then for Compass / Bridgemates to score the boards after you have played them. The programme the Club decides on at the start of the year requests from X-Club the deal files for the appropriate weeks of the year and these arrive throughout the year at the Club in time for the boards to be dealt
For those who have not met a Dealing Machine up close it is a rather complicated box full of electronics and a camera capable in around 20 seconds of taking a pack of cards and sorting it as per the Hand Record. When its going well its close to being one of the wonders of the modern world but when its unhappy its as frustrating as hell !  The Club owns a "Dealer 4" which we wouldn't be without but with a price tag of over $5000 requires more than a little TLC.....

Tournament hands are handled differently because the regular X-Club hands are potentially available to a large number of people prior to the hands being played which could be unfair. Hands for our Tournaments are both created and dealt locally to make all as fair as possible

Dealing boardSo we now have the hands available and the programme for the year in place so what now happens - the Club has a number of "dealers" who use our Dealing Machine to produce the hands specified by X-Club for the required session. Currently we have 6 "dealers" who give up some of their time each week to deal the hands for a particular session - they don't deal the hands for a session they play !  If you would be interested in helping here the Club is at times looking for new dealers so have a talk to Cathy Nolen, our current Dealing Steward to see if you can help. It doesn't take long to deal a set of boards so it's not an onerous task.....

Alongside the actual dealing of the boards there is a little housekeeping required - labeling of the dealt boards, printing of the hand records etc.
Sometimes things in this process go awry - the wrong boards are dealt for the week, the boards are labelled incorrectly, cards get out of sequence etc etc. but considering the number of boards we deal each year the number of mistakes is very small !

Getting it wrong can be rather frustrating for all but on occasion it can have an unexpected outcome -

Recently club members Barbara Daly and Graeme Hope competed in the East Coast Restricted Pairs which they won with a score of 65% - congratulations to you both. This happened at an event where only 30 scoring boards were able to be played due to a labeling error when the boards were dealt meaning the first 18 boards played had to be discarded!

1st East Coast Bays Restricted Pairs Tournament


So next time you pick up your cards to play a hand do think of your dealers

Hamilton Wins Trifecta at Te Awamutu

Dealing boardToday the Te Awamutu Club held its annual Xmas Tournament. Very unfortunately for the members of that Club the event turned into a Hamilton benefit - commiserations to you

Club MP %
1st Tim Healy & Helen Healy Hami/Hami 1084.3 125.49
2nd Gary Foidl & Brett Glass Waik/Hunt 1053.7 121.95
3rd Dallas Dagg & Ella Gray Hami/Hami 1001.2 115.88
4th Lynette Morgan & Ian Bond Mata/Mata 993.3 114.94
5th Richard Solomon & Anna Kalma Fran/TeAr 988.2 114.37
6th Richard Fletcher & Gwyn Lobb Hami/Waik 978.7 113.27
7th Joan Egger & Lucie Armstrong Hami/Hami 976.8 113.06

Well done all

N.B. - Gary , Brett , Richard , Anna & Gwyn are all Second Club members at Hamilton

2020 AGM

The Club's AGM is to be held on Sunday 22 November at 2pm

The AGM starts the afternoon off - Club reports will be present the election of the Officers for the coming year and concluding with the presentation of trophies for the events that were run this year.
This is followed by a session of "fun" bridge. Christmas Dinner concludes the evening - all this for a really low price of $10 !

Melbourne Cup 2020

The track's prepared, the horses are in their stalls, the TAB ready to pay, no spectators line the barriers ( in Australia anyway ) and food and drinks are ready to consume..... Our director says go -
Welcome to the 2020 Hamilton Bridge Club's Melbourne Cup

Tuesday, 3 November and 12 tables took part in the Club's Melbourne Cup afternoon bridge, an upmarket "Jane's" afternoon tea and the watching of the 160th running of the race.
Winners of the bridge ( Laurie Braithwaite Cup ) on the day were Kay Dixon & Jenny Millington with the Handicap result going to Bill Bailey & Shirley Fransham.

In the "Fashion in the Field" Hat Competition there were some outstanding entries making the judges' decision difficult. In the end these were the place-getters:

Posh style - Jan Hancox

Au Natural style - Melva Johnstone

Wacky style - Barbara Daly

Cake Raffle ( a Jane masterpiece ! ) - Sue Collinge

N.B. You may click on any image for a larger view

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament 1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament 1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament


1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

2020 Hamilton Congress

Sponsors Metlifecare Labour Weekend 2020 and Hamilton was able to host its first ever Restricted Open Pairs Tournament run alongside the Hamilton Congress Pairs. 22 Pairs took part in the Restricted with 36 Pairs in the Open - a great result for the Club after all the trials Clubs have been through this year with Covid.
Many thanks to Metlifecare, our sponsor for the weekend which let us run an improved weekend for all.....

Winners & place getters of the Hamilton Congress Pairs -

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's Congress Pairs Tournament


Winners - Hamilton Restricted Open Pairs

  • 1st 118.5% Andrew Michl & Candice Smith
  • 2nd 115.6% Jenny Myhill & Ross Petersen
  • 3rd 114.5% Trini Lin & Catherine Cameron

Waikato Bays Provincial Teams

1st place at Hamilton Bridge's W/Bays Teams

2nd place at Hamilton Bridge's W/Bays Teams

Babich NZ Wide Pairs


Players at Hamilton Bridge's Pairs Tournament

Starts on FRIDAY 30 October @ 7.15pm

∎  Scored across the whole field and at each club
    with NZ Wide results expected within 24 hours
∎  Prizes awarded for top scores nationwide
∎  "A" points awarded per region and per club
∎  The same hands played at all competing clubs
∎  Booklet containing commentary on each hand
    to all players after play
∎  Intermediate level systems only
∎  Scored by the X Club Team with across
    the field results within 24 hours

Entry Fee - $12
($10 directly supports the New Zealand Bridge Foundation and Youth Bridge)

Melbourne Cup 2020

Players at Hamilton Bridge's Pairs Tournament

Join us TUESDAY 3 November @ 1pm for.....

♦    a sweepstake on "the race"
♦    a hat competition with different categories –
       au naturel
♦    quick draw raffle
♦    bridge - prizes for gross and handicap
♦    a wonderful afternoon tea
♦    live screen streaming of “the race “
♦    Kay’s famous chocolate eclairs
♦    and other wondrous things…..

Cost $6

Bridge Restarting

NZ bridge has advised that Bridge clubs can reopen for play at Lockdown Level 2 if they choose with certain safety standards. Several clubs in our region and many in other parts of the country have re-opened or are preparing to reopen next week

Your committee has discussed the way forward for our club with the decision being made to reopen the club starting this coming Monday of next week - 14 September, with sessions on Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Friday morning

Obviously, it is an individual decision whether you wish to play in Level 2 and the committee understands that

At the current Level 2 our safety precautions are the following:
•    If you come to bridge you must be well and have no symptoms of any illness
•   The use of face masks is mandatory. The club has a limited number of disposal ones available
•   The kitchen will be closed
•   You bring your own pen that travels with you
•   Only South will handle the Bridge Mate. East will verbally agree to the score

If we find that insufficient numbers decide to play at the current Level 2, we will close again until Lockdown Level 1

There will be further communication from us on the club website after the next Government announcements

Ella - on behalf of the committee

New Life Members

Nominations for Life Membership

The Club Constitution states that recommendations for Life Membership to the Hamilton Bridge Club can only be made by the Committee and must be voted on at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee has adopted a procedure for nominations for Life Membership to the Club. The guidelines for this procedure are available from the Secretary. Any financial member can nominate a member for Life Membership. This nomination must be submitted to the Committee for consideration and, if approved, the recommendation will be made at the Annual General Meeting.
If any member intends to make a nomination for the Committee to consider, obtain a copy of the guidelines and register your interest with the Secretary - this interest will remain confidential and will avoid multiple members researching information regarding the same person.

Ella Gray

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