Christmas & New Year 2021

Overall places - Interclub 2021

Hi all

Bridge in 2021 turned into another difficult year we could mostly happily forget but has finally come to an end. Hamilton Bridge is now on holiday with the Club closed for regular bridge until the start of February
Summer Bridge for 2022 commences on 11th January - the Club will be running four sessions of Bridge each week - the link will show you those dates click here

In addition we are planning to start a new feature in 2022 - a once weekly session of RealBridge commencing on Sunday 16th January @ 7pm which it is hoped will run thru the remainder of the bridge year. It will be run as two streams - Open and Junior with Intermediates able to chose according to "their comfort level"

You will no doubt have noticed that subscription notices and programme books for 2022 have not yet been delivered - the delay being largely due to Covid slowing down the process of book production and the finalising of next year's advertising programme

For those who would like to see the programme now, there is a copy of each session's programme on this web site under the Info TAB - click here ( these programme dates are correct as at the date the information was placed on the web site but please confirm dates when your programme book arrives )

2022 Bridge Year
The format for bridge sessions in 2022 can't yet be confirmed but the intention is for it to be the format the Club has used for many years - face to face bridge. Should this not prove possible Summer Bridge will revert to RealBridge in the first instance to allow time for further decisions. There are too many variables at present to be definitive about what happens at the start of 2022 - Covid itself and the possible entry into New Zealand of the latest strain, Covid and how it reacts to the release of Auckland from lock-down, how Covid and holidays "work" together etc etc.

Take care and keep safe and have a happy and enjoyable break

Hamilton Bridge

Should you need to contact the Bridge Club over shutdown, use email via this link or (

Club Office - Closed from 17th December 2021 until 11th January 2022