2023 Hamilton Bridge Club Lessons

The Hamilton Bridge Club runs lessons for those who wish to learn to play Bridge along with those returning to Bridge after a break.

New - Up to now the Club has run lessons on Tuesday afternoons and evenings but since Covid we have found a significant change in distribution of the numbers participating. There has been interest shown in lessons on a Sunday afternoon. Hence, we have decided to run a course on a Sunday afternoons to see if this meets the requirements of those expressing interest. Currently we are considering early July for the start of these lessons. If you are interested in attending then it would help us by using the info below to contact the Club and let us know. The actual start date should be confirmed before the end of May

At the start of the lessons you will play Mini-bridge, a simplified version of the game to give you an idea how bridge is played before the lessons proper commence. The first two lessons are free to give you an idea of whether you are suited to the game before making the commitment. These lessons teach the game using the ACOL bidding system and are based on NZ Bridge's teaching of bridge for beginners program.

The lesson run for around 10 weeks and at the end of the lessons you are welcome to join the Club at a very discounted membership fee. Those who choose to join the Club usually start playing together with other learners either on a Tuesday evening or Friday morning in what is a very friendly and social atmosphere where an allowance is made for their 'beginner' status. The lessons are not free and come at a cost of $50 for which each participant receives a copy of the lessons and associated training notes along with supper at the conclusion of each lesson

Lessons Commence -

Sunday afternoons : Start early July , approx. 1pm for about 2.5 hours      

If you have a question, need further information or to register an interest in completing the lessons then email us at this address : lessons@hamiltonbridge.co.nz   Mereana or Cherie will get back to you so include your contact details....

Alternatively to download our "Learn to Play Bridge" flier - Click here