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Meet some of Hamilton Bridge Club’s players – from veteran GrandMasters and NZ Reps to up and coming stars, our club is lucky to have a wide range of talented and hard-working players  

Barry Jones – number 18 on the list of all-time masterpoint earners
Jenny Millington – number 29 (and 6th female)
Blair Fisher – Grandmaster at age 22 , already 69th on the all-time list, and NZ rep in 2014
Ian Clayton – 6th on all time list
Cynthia Clayton – 44th (10th female) on all time list
Jeffery Chang - in 1st full year of playing was ranked number 1 in NZ in his grade
Malcolm Smith - Hamilton Club Life Member, Club Stalwart & Waikato Legend
Mona Corlett - Recently deceased, was Hamilton Club's oldest member

Over time we plan to add further profiles
Here, we present a little bit of background on some of these members -