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Wednesday Night Bridge FINISHED for the Year !

Wednesday night event Change

Wednesday Night Bridge for 2023 has Ended....


Hello all

After weighing up a number of factors it has been decided that the last Wednesday event for the year will not go ahead. It was not really going to be possible to play a teams event due to numbers and a pairs event was definitely going to be down in numbers.
I have tried to get at least 6 tables going this year and I think by and large we have achieved that.
I could see that enthusiasm for the last event starting next week was low.
Rather than ask a small group to gather I think we should re-energize and look to get the Wednesday group going again in the new year.
However I would still encourage you to join up next week with the players on either Monday or Thursday evening who will no doubt be pleased to see you and add to their table numbers

Thanks for playing this year on Wednesday evenings  


Shirley Waymouth

Thank you Shirley

Unless one is a "dedicated follower" of competitions and the various cups and trophies the Hamilton Club use to identify its numerous competitions one could be excused for not knowing who Shirley Waymouth was. Shirley was a very long term member of Hamilton Club, joining back in the early sixties and being active through until the nineties. In 1990 she was recognised for all she had done for the Club being awarded Life Membership to the Hamilton Bridge Club. The Club's Friday players in the Richmond room still compete for the Waymouth Trophy for the annual Championship pairs.
Life was more difficult back when Shirley started bridge - no computers or dealing machines so her passion for scoring as described below meant a tough job compared with today..... It wasn't that easy for the players either - at the end of the session there was no just walking away - the cards had to be all sorted by suit and value before being returned to the holders !

Shirley passed away at the end of 2022 but as a final act of great generosity bequeathed the sum of $10,000 to the Club. The committee is investigating what this generous sum can be used for, as we would like the "item" to be something Club members can see, admire or use on a regular basis. If any member has a suggestion these are welcome - pass them along to the committee or the Club's secretary

The Club has in a small way started the process by re-naming the Hamilton Congress Open Pairs which is played annually at Labour Weekend to the Hamilton Shirley Waymouth Pairs, The first playing of the event with its new name takes place next month on the 21st October @ Hamilton's Labour Weekend Congress

Shirley Waymouth  Life Nomination

Mount Maunganui Intermediate Winners

Congratulations - Megan and Leanne - 1st place Mount Maunganui Intermediate

Megan and Leanne
Well Done

Hamilton 5A WInners

Barry & Jenny

Hamilton 5A Teams

Congratulations to the Team with Hamilton's Barry & Jenny - winners of Saturdays on-line 5A Teams tournament . 4th place was filled by the Team containing Blair and Liz Fisher


Well done

40 teams ( 160 players ! ) from the top to the bottom of NZ along with a smattering of our cousins from over the ditch took part. Thanks to those Hamilton members who helped make up numbers to make the day flow

Ladies Day Winners

22 pairs took part the Hamilton Ladies Day Mixed (Intermediate) Event with the winners Eileen Barker & Anne Berben coming from the Putaruru Club.
Second and third places were both from the Hamilton Club - in 2nd place Barbara Daly & Lucie Armstrong and in 3rd Helen Rinaldi & Catherine Cameron.

Many thanks to the days sponsor Craigs Investment Partners for helping make the day the success it was.

Unfortunately the Open Event needed to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. The problem experienced with the hand records being incorrect for the 2nd session has been corrected with the correct hands now on the web site

Craigs Chantal Baxter (left), Hamilton Vice President, Richard Wagstaff (right) with Hamilton Ladies Mixed (Intermediate) Pairs winners from Putaruru Eileen Barker & Anne Berben

Wednesday Night 10th May - PROGRAMME CHANGE

Wednesday night event Change

Restricted Teams starting May 10 re-scheduled
The May 10th event is now 3 week pairs event
The 3 week Restricted Teams scheduled to start next week on May 10th has been moved till later in the year as the date clashes with the Intermediate and Junior Teams Championships currently running on Thursday night

Hamilton Bridge Match Committee


Image of ANZ EFTPOS machine
Hamilton now has EFTPOS

Last week the the Club received its own EFTPOS machine and after being configured with our bank is now operational. Its first test was last Friday at the parking we provide for the rugby which it passed without problems so its now available to use by all....
Currently the machine can be found with our secretary Julie but after a little training we hope to provide the same service thru our directors. This however comes with the proviso that this usage will not interfere with getting the bridge session underway at the correct time so don't leave it till the last moment !
There are few conditions to be aware of -
★   The machine DOES NOT DO WITHDRAWALS. So if you make a mistake you need corrected which is not possible to fix
      by cancelling the transaction you will need to contact our secretary to arrange help
★   This machine does not produce paper records for transactions. It does however offer the option for a receipt for the
      transaction to be emailed in the form of a PDF to be sent to an email address you enter
★   The machine is available for all payments the Club currently accepts - Compa$$ , Subscriptions , Tournament Entry Fees
      etc.... Please include both your name and bridge number when entering your details
★   All types of cards / transactions are accepted but there are some that cost the Club additional fees when used. We
      would prefer that members don't use these cards or transaction type if possible !

Hamilton Bridge
April 2023


The Club sadly notes the passing of the father of our President Mereana Cullen

Mereana's father passed passed away late last week. We extend our sympathy to Mereana and her family and friends

Welcome to Bridge for 2023

Welcome to 2023
Bridge for 2023

Welcome to 2023 and a new year of bridge at the Hamilton Club. One hopes you were able to take advantage of what has been a great period of settled summer weather and now you are ready for the challenges of bridge. Even Covid seems to have taken a holiday of sorts. Long may it continue !

Summer Bridge - this starts again on Tuesday 10th January and continues for the following 3 weeks to the end of the month - should you need all the Summer Bridge dates then click this link here . Once summer bridge concludes the regular bridge programme will commence.....

Table Money - unfortunately the New Year brings a cost increase for all of us players with Table Money increasing to $5. The Club like everyone else has suffered with increased expenses and along with a reduction in the number of members playing we need to minimise as much as possible our losses. Mereana, our President, will be expanding on this subject here in the near future. To help your Club the best thing you can do is for you to play and to encourage your friends to also play.

2023 Programme Book - This is close to being complete but the Club is waiting for approval from external parties and for our printers to return from their Xmas break to progress

Lessons - The other thing you can do to help the Club with is the forthcoming Bridge Lessons - the Club each year needs new members to make up for the natural turnover of members so if you have friends, family, neighbours, workmates who could be interested in bridge then send them a copy of the link below


Happy Bridge

Lessons 2023


 one minute on bridge lessons......
  The Hamilton Club will be running lessons on "How to Play Bridge" this year - 2023
 These lessons are currently planned to start in late February or early March with the choice of an afternoon or evening lesson time.

The Club - which is all of us - really needs the lessons to be successful so we can keep the Club running as it does now !
In a typical year our membership falls by around 10%, so without lessons and the resulting new members our current membership of approx. 240 is going to in time become a smaller with increasing "subs". Covid is not helping maintain the membership with those with medical conditions no longer playing, members playing at night dramatically down and the splitting of membership between on-line and face to face bridge when the Club gets little benefit from the membership

So that the Club will survive for a long time into the future our membership needs to grow so encourage your family, friends, work colleagues etc. to come along to the next set of lessons session
So if you or someone you know are considering the lessons we would love you to come along and learn the "great game" then click this link to take you to the page with further info and where you can register either yourself or your friends

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