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Hamilton Success

Members of the Hamilton Club enjoyed considerable success Saturday at the Rotorua Xmas Tournament. This success came in a very large field of 78 pairs with the Hamilton Club filling first, second & 4th places!

1st   Yuzhong Chen and Gary Foidl

2nd   Liz Fisher and Sam Simpson

4th   Ella Gray and Dallas Dagg

The previous weekend in Dunedin Mark Thomson and Jeffrey Chang were in the Waikato Bays team that finished 2nd in the Intermediate section of the National Inter-provincial Teams competition.

A very successful fortnight for our Club

Eileen Brunt

The Club sadly notes the passing of our member Eileen Brunt.
Long time Club member Eileen, who played regularly several times each week at the Club, passed away Saturday. The club extends our sympathy to Eileen's friends and family.

A service will be held at Seddon Park Funeral Home Chapel, 49 Seddon Road, Hamilton on Thursday, 8th December 2016 at 2.30pm.

Mike Barton

After a long illness Hamilton Bridge Club member Mike Barton has today ( Tuesday ) passed away

The Club expresses its sympathy to fellow Club member Cherie Barton ( Cherie Aston ) and to members of both families.

Mike's Funeral will take place Monday 5 December at 1pm at Simply Cremations , 388 Wairere Drive, Te Rapa.

Results - Babich NZ WIde Pairs @ Hamilton

Hi all

This is the link to the results pages for the Babich NZ wide Pairs


Babich Friday evening @ 7.30pm - Click on me for the complete NZ Results page

Babich Friday evening @ 7.30pm - Click here for the Hamilton Results only


Hamilton Contract Bridge Club - Coming soon

Hamilton Club - up coming Events & News
                              Bridge at the Club is suspended again from 3rd October

Level 2 Lock-down - Wednesday update

The Government today announced the Level 2 lock-down for New Zealand excluding Auckland will end at 23.59 on Wednesday 17 February

With the change back to Lock-down Level 1 bridge played with the "normal" rules will resume at the Club so those new rules that were applied on Sunday will no longer apply

Nigel - on behalf of the Club

Tuesday DD - Links

Hamilton Teams Practice Sessions - Player Links

Select the Session in which you wish to participate -

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Then go to the browser of your choice and in a new TAB paste the text - (e.g. ctrl+v or mouse right-click + paste)

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 22 July 2020

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves


Real men wear pink

  What is the link between Bridge and Ballet?

A road trip

  New Plymouth features in a Road Trip

  Whitebait fritters anyone ?
  3 in a car traveling across the motu
  North Shore to Hamilton to New Plymouth, onto Whanganui and back to Auckland

The Percent Symbol

  Tip of the week – it’s all about percentages

  Our guest interview this week is Bridge Expert …..


   We share the first portion of his chat with the Bridge Zone

   Larry will be joining us over the next few weeks talking about his Bridge life
   Hear how COVID 19 is impacting Larry and general Bridge in the USA
   I love his accent, don’t you?
   Great segment – enjoy listeners


      Hamilton 5A Open teams
      Hamilton 3A Restricted Teams
      Whanganui Swiss Pairs
      North Shore Restricted Pairs

Poker Face
Judge Julie rules on when a card is played ……

  Wonderful to see you at the tables again listeners
  Catch you next week

Want a call – drop us an email – bridgezoneshow@gmail.com and we will contact you…….     It’s that simple !

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )

NZ Congress 2020 - updated

URGENT MESSAGE - National Congress 2020

On Thursday 25 June the Management of the Distinction Hotel Hamilton advised New Zealand Bridge that they would not be honouring our booking for the 2020 National Congress. The venue is to be used as a quarantine facility for returning Kiwis until at least January 2021.

We will over the next 10 days look at options to relocate the Congress. This if at all possible, may be at a different time, and is likely not be in Hamilton.

At this point we ask that you hold off making any travel and accommodation bookings. Please don’t make any online entries or payments.

We are exceedingly disappointed with this situation and will do our absolute best to find a workable alternative for 2020.

Alister Stuck
National Secretary, New Zealand Bridge

Cashless Bridge - updated

The cashless system - Compa$$

Thank you to all the members who have paid in advance for their table money, either to the Directors or online - one member who shall remain nameless is expecting good things from his bridge this year and deposited $150. Thanks also to our Directors who received this small mountain. The good news is, they will not need to collect any more.

The amounts received are being credited to your Compass$$ accounts this week. We will be sending out an email after the end of the month when all the money received and session deductions made so far are detailed on your account. Please check it and let us know of any anomalies - being a new system, there is sure to be a couple. We are joining several bridge clubs in the Waikato region who are benefiting from this excellent addition to our existing scoring package. Please keep in mind that many hours have been spent setting up this system by club members giving up their leisure time plus the many many hours author Bob Fearn spent writing this innovative programme as well as the support he gives us with both Compass and Compass$$.
Any teething issues we are experiencing are due to Dave and myself learning to understand the process of implementing this new programme, introduced in order to improve the club's procedures and members' enjoyment.

As a reminder, all you need to do in the future is to transfer an amount to the club's bank account - 01 0315 0381282 01 - or pay to Donna during office hours.


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