Summer Bridge from 21 November until Xmas 2021

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Summer Bridge for 2021 - 2022

To all club members:
The situation with Covid and the lock-down level has improved in the last day or so but there is considerable concern amongst our members in where this is taking us as the number of cases of Covid is increasing. Not helping here is the change in the notification system from Lock-down Level to the "Traffic Lights" along with the ability for Aucklanders to travel in the near future and what the impact of that will be.

The Club this week has been surveying its members on how they would like to play - face to face or online via the RealBridge Platform

Summer Bridge until Xmas -


Payment -
Non Hamilton Club members are required to deposit $3 per session to the Hamilton Club bank account No. 01-0315-0381282-01

Please ensure you add your name and the event with your bank transfer

Clubs members table money will be charged to their Compa$$ account

If you invite a friend from outside the club to play it is your responsibility to ensure payment

Monday Evening - RealBridge for 7.00pm start

Tuesday Afternoon - Face to face at the Club-rooms for 1.00pm start

Tuesday Evening for JUNIORS & BEGINNERS ONLY - RealBridge for 7.00pm start

Thursday Evening - RealBridge for 7.00pm start

Friday morning - Face to face at the Club-rooms in Richmond Room for 10.00am start ( Summer Bridge )

Friday morning - Face to face at the Club-rooms in O'Neill Room for 10.00am start

At the current Level 2 our safety precautions for FACE to FACE Bridge are as follows:
•    If you come to bridge you must be well and have no symptoms of any illness
•   The use of face masks is mandatory. The club has a limited number of disposable ones available but please bring your own
•   The kitchen will be closed
•   At the re- start of Bridge in 2022 players will be required to show a Covid Vaccination Certificate to play in the Club-rooms
•   You bring your own pen that travels with you
•   Only South will handle the BridgeMate. East will verbally agree to the score
•   Hand sanitiser to be used will be provided at the entrance to the playing rooms and selected locations in both rooms
•   Contact details will be recorded as per the government Covid requirements
•   Friday Day Bridge - separate rooms

Should we find that insufficient numbers decide to play at Lock-down Level 2 we will revert to RealBridge

Summer Bridge after Xmas will decided on after the Club looks at how Bridge has performed over the next 4 weeks running up to Xmas