Hamilton Bridge - 2021 AGM

Notice is given that The Bridge Club's AGM is planned for Sunday 21 November at 2pm however should lock-down prevent this the AGM will be rescheduled to 28th November. Should this happen the AGM on 28th will be "face to face" or by Zoom dependent on the state of lock-down

The Quorum for the AGM is 30 financial members

The Committee - the Club needs more members for the next committee. If you feel you have something to give to the Club then can you please contact our President Nigel re the next steps
Whether this AGM takes place is outside the control of the Club due to Covid 19 and is a lock-down in effect

If No Covid lock-downs in place on AGM day -
▶ 2pm AGM
▶ Selected Premium Trophies will be presented ( majority of the prizes are presented at the session "party nights" )
▶ At conclusion of the prizes ( AGM ) "fun bridge" commences till approx 5.30pm
▶ After bridge Christmas Dinner concludes the event


Covid Lock-down on AGM day
Should there be a lock-down in effect during the week prior to the AGM then the AGM will be re-scheduled to the 28th November
Should it not be possible to hold the AGM on the 28th the meeting will be held using a Zoom session on the same day. The agenda for this meeting will be confirmed when the Zoom held event becomes necessary otherwise the meeting day will run as per that planned for the 21st

◉ Members have the chance to raise any Club issue at the AGM. These must be raised by writing or emailing to the Club via the Club Secretary

◉ Election of officers for the Club takes place at the AGM. Nominations for these need to be submitted on the forms found attached to this web page or on the Clubs website ( Info on the top menu )


Submitting Notices or Nominations -

The Club notes that the presence of a Lock-down in the 2 weeks prior to the AGM date will potentially influence the ability to deliver notices or nominations to the Club. It is also appreciated that it may not be possible then to hand deliver notices to the Club or have paper copies on the appropriate Club forms either.

The Club is flexible here and will accept a form deposited in the Club mailbox or those scanned , printed or photographed and then emailed to the Secretary. Where it is not possible to print the form a handwritten copy of the form provided it contains all the required information will be acceptable

All forms received ( notices & nominations ) will be displayed on receipt on the Club website in lieu of display on the Club notice board if a Lock-down is in effect. Signatures or Identifying Names will removed for reasons of privacy but a copy of any document will be available to members on request from the Club Secretary.


Important dates -

▶ Month of November - the AGM is required by the constitution to be held in this month

▶ Sunday 21st November - Current planned day for AGM    

▶ Reserve day for the AGM is 28th November

▶ Receipt of any request from members for an issue to be raised / discussed at the AGM - 14days prior on 7th November

▶ Election of officers - nominations close 7 days prior to AGM on 14th November


Zoom AGM -
If the AGM is to be undertaken using Zoom all members of the Club will be emailed the standard set of documents to be presented at the AGM. This will take place not less than 72hrs before the date of the AGM


Trophies -
Should you be the current holder of a Club trophy then please discuss the return of the trophy with the Club Secretary


Downloads -
Nomination for Club Office form

Hamilton Bridge Constitution 2017


Nigel Gresson
1 November 2021