The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 23 January 2019

On the Bridge Zone Racing Channel – Barry places his bets for the winning teams at Tauranga’s Mini Congress this weekend

Based on current form and names his “roughy” pick, he did well at Thames – can he repeat it?

Exciting things that happened at Mereana’s and Barry’s workplace last week


We discuss pre nuptials – who got married and who are back as a Bridge partnership after a decent separation

Is there a reason for a Bridge Partnership to have a pre nup agreeement – Barry shares 2 lines of thought for a solid basis of a pre nup

Playing Directors – some points of discussion and Julie Atkinson will join us next week


A new weekly event – we highlight a Bridge Book and share some of it’s content

This week.....

Book 4 – Matchpoints by Kit Woolsey

Double Flaw – Loaded Dice – it’s all so interesting

If you have a favorite book or reference that you want to share with us, please email and we will add it into a show

And who passes at the Bridge Table all night just to see what their results will be?

Kamikaze 1NT openings – what the heck!

Ciao m

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The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 16 January 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

The end has been PUNCHED thru - we close off our conversation with Samantha
Postcard from Scotland will return in February

Tournament Directors are discussed – Is there gender and/or age inequality issues here?

We announce our next guest on the Bridge Zone

Book 3 this year – Bridge, Zia and Me by Michael Rosenburg

We found a comment from Bob Hamman that may amuse some players

Lessons and what/how/does it really matter what we deliver - are raised and we hear a view point from Gerry Palmer

Results from the Thames Summer Festival and one from Canberra

Hopes and Dreams – do you have some for 2019?
Then are you keen to share them with us - Email

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The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 9 January 2019

Rating Points – Barry announces the Top 4 Players from 2019 list
Does he make the list?

How much Bridge per week, would you need to play to improve your game

Equality in the workplace is surging forward and auto pilot is happening in the Bridge World

The plan is to take small steps and awareness and self-awareness is key

Finding a partner – are you lonesome tonight and a tip to improve your Bridge this year

Card combinations – here’s a new read for you

    Suit Combination In Bridge – by Sally Brock

Thames Summer Festival – Carol and her team are hosting a good field

Got a tip to share – email us at

Gandhi makes it onto the Bridge Zone

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Special Trophies for 2018

The Hamilton Club awards a number of trophies each year based on performance of a player or a pair across the entire bridge year rather than just a single event.
The Mike Barton Trophy is awarded to the most promising player or pairs ( excluding Grand Masters ) based on their increase in Rating Points over the Hamilton Club bridge year.
This year the Trophy was awarded to Jo Millington & Mike Everard
The Audrey Dixon Cup for the most improved Junior player is also calculated on rating points was awarded to Shaun Hewitt. Megan Jolly was in a very creditable second place a very small number of points behind Shaun

Winner of the Audrey Dixon Cup - Shaun Hewitt with very close runner up Megan Jolly

Mike Barton Trophy Winners - Jo Millington & Mike Everard

Bridge Zone Contact Details

The Bridge Zone has a new email address. Need to contact them :

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

Fashion statement

2018 AGM

Hard at it - Working on The Bridge Zone !

Barry & Mereana recording BRIDGE ZONE
The hosts of THE BRIDGE ZONE, Barry and Mereana in the Hamilton studio of FreeFM89 recording the latest episode

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2018 Hamilton Congress

36 Pairs contested the 2018 Hamilton Congress Pairs. After three sessions we had our winners......

2018 Hamilton Congress Pairs Winners

20 pairs entered the Hamilton Congress Intermediate Pairs contesting two sessions....
2018 Hamilton Congress Intermediate Winners

24 teams competed in the qualifying with the top 6 teams going on to the finals on Monday. Top qualifiers were the Carter team followed by the Cormack and Ware Teams.
In the W/B Consolation Swiss Pairs 40 pairs contested the event while the top 6 teams contested the W/B Teams final
2018 Hamilton Congress Teams & Swiss Winners

THE BRIDGE ZONE - Broadcast 17 October 2018

The Bridge ZoneThe Bridge Zone
This week's episode brings you No Trumps and 5 Card Majors, Congress, Aces, Postcard from Scotland, Zia Again, Bridge Report, Herman Yuan, NZ Youngest Directors Waikato Bridge Club, NZ Team Trials For China.
Click THE BRIDGE ZONE to listen to the broadcast.

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