RealBridge @ Hamilton Bridge - Teams Results

Waikato Bays / Hamilton Teams - This event took place over the Sunday and Monday of Labour weekend and was the first on-line event the Hamilton Club has ever run. 54 teams from all over New Zealand plus 3 Australian players took part in what turned out to be a very popular event amongst the participants
The first list shows the overall top eight teams in the event while the Hamilton 500 lists the first 3 teams where the players have between 200 and 500 rating points. Similarly the Hamilton 200 is limited to players whose rating points are between 0 and 200. The event proved popular even amongst those not taking part with up to 70 Kibitzing the event at times

If Covid and its variants continue to disrupt Bridge in this country it is unlikely to be the last tournament run by Hamilton using this format assuming NZ Bridge gives its blessing to the format


  Overall Team Name Team Members
 1st  JACOB Geo Tislevoll Nick Jacob Tom Jacob Brian Mace
 2nd  WARE Michael Ware Hugh McGann Martin Reid Peter Newell
 3rd  MIAO Clair Miao Wayne Burrows Blair Fisher Elizabeth Fisher
 4th  LEI Gary Chen John Wang June Lei Jeter Liu
 5th  JOHNSTON Brad Johnston Kevin Skoropada Paul Freeland Matt Blakeley
 6th  HENRY Stephen Henry Annette Henry Anne-Marie Russell Peter Hall
 7th  SOMERVILLE Anne Somerville John Davidson Greg Buzzard Moss Wylie
 8th  WEN Fuxia Wen Ian Berrington Sam Simpson Jo Simpson


  Hamilton 500 Team Name Team Members
 1st  LACEY Dale Lacey Robyn Freeman-Greene Joan McCarthy Joan Waldvogel
 2nd  BACH Peer Bach Setsuko Lichtnecker Deborah Tangney Brian Ashwell
 3rd  CARSON Paul Carson Bill Humphrey David O'Shaughnessy Lynette O'Shaughnessy


  Hamilton 200 Team Name Team Members
 1st  LU Daisy Lu Xiao Liu Dong Gao Bi Richard Cross