Nominations for the Waikato Bays Regional Committee

Waikato Bays Committee

Meet the Members of the current Waikato Bays Regional Committee

Due to Covid-19 the current Regional Committee was asked by NZ Bridge to continue with the jobs at hand in the region until the end of October 2020. As this date is getting closer, NZ Bridge has now called for the regions to call for nominations for the next committee to cover the next two years.
Our Secretary has the nomination form should you be interested in standing or know of someone worthy of this position on the committee - these forms must be mailed to the Regional Secretary to be received by 30 September

August 12th - Suspension of Bridge II

Updated – Saturday 15th
The NZ Government has extended the Level 2 lockdown till Wednesday 26th with a review mid next week

As a result of this change there will be NO Hamilton Club Bridge for the whole of next week (17th - 21st ) and very likely for the first half of the following week. The committee will review this decision after the government’s mid-week update with any changes posted here, but Club bridge is unlikely to restart until at least Thursday August 27th.

Bridge is available online ( BDO) from Monday of next week - timetable below, plus Waikato clubs are currently organising sessions with details being posted on the Waikato-Bays website when times are finalised

Take care and keep in touch with other members who may not know these details.


  At this stage we hope the lockdown will be only a short time but just in case it is not:
 Mondays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
 Tuesdays   No daytime session, but 27 boards at 7:00 pm
 Wednesdays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
 Thursdays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
 Fridays   27 Boards at 1:00 pm, but no evening session
 Saturdays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
 Sundays   No daytime session, but 27 boards at 7:00 pm (The only session with IMP scoring)

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 5 August 2020

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Number One

Man using megaphone

  We did it

  We knocked the bugger off

  Thanks so much for your support

  Listening to the Bridge Zone

  Our leader, Mr Chairman - Alan Morris is thrilled

  Alan will be joining us next week

  Bridge Zone Podcast Hits

  11,949, for the month of July 2020

Aggressive v Passive Leads

  Super spreadsheet man

   The latest Bridge hero ,

         Well done Brad, amazing stuff

   Judge Julie rules on 2 questions this week

         Unintended bids, mistakes

         Auction explanations – who does what?

  Aggressive v Passive Leads

  Ace ask

  King ask

  Aggressive v Passive Leads

  Who, what, when, how and why

  Bridge mentors - Barry found some tips

  Congress numbers - Get your entries in

                                         Pre registrations numbers are encouraging

  Interprovincials - selections are looming

  Thanks for clicking on the Bridge Zone
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  See you at the tables

Barry, Mereana, and Judge Judy

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Soup and Bun II

Soup bun 2 for 2020
The first Soup and Bun for 2020 has been held and we now look forward to the second of the 3 the Club is holding this year

So come along and join us on Sunday August 16th for this year's second event

Soup is served at 12 noon with bridge starting between 12.30 and 12.45pm. Cost is only $5

Congratulations to Allison & Malcolm Smith for coming out top at the first event

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 29 July 2020

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North Island - New Zealand

  National Congress

  We talk about the changes of the programme

North Island - New Zealand

  Accommodation is being found in Cambridge

North Island - New Zealand

  Anyone want a chef’s job

  We can refer you

Larry Cohen

  Our last segment with Larry Cohen is aired

  Fantastic of him to give us his valuable time

  Check out his website - Bridge with Larry Cohen

Judge Julie

Judge Julie talks about psychs

  That hurt my heart!!!

Aussie v Kiwis

  Mereana coughed up an apology over the weekend

  Glares at the table

  How do you dig yourselves out of the trenches when things are going South


  Matamata Open and Christchurch Teams

Happy Bridge everyone

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National Congress 2020

After a little bit of the on again / off again action both the location and time of NZ's National Bridge Congress has been confirmed. For the 35th Congress in 2020 it comes with a new venue of the Sir Don Rowlands Event Centre which is located in the grounds of the Karapiro Domain

Don Rowlands Centre - home of 2020 Congress

This year with potentially fewer competitors and very likely without all those competitive Australians helping you leave early it could be your year for a best ever finish !
Congress this year runs from Saturday 26th September to Saturday 3rd October and introduces a new feature of no night bridge emulating the format followed at the "Gold Coast" Congress. This years programme for Congress can be found here

Lake Karapiro and Domain

For all those local Waikato & Bay of Plenty players who have never been to Congress this is your year - less crowded with anticipated lower numbers this year and possibly it's the end of an era for Congress being held in this part of the country
Travel may also turn out to be a winner for "us locals" as with all the disruptions Covid-19 has brought to New Zealand and the world will the organisers listen to those murmuring just under the surface and relocate to one of the main centers in the future......

Wednesday 5A 3-Nighter

Although there was an urban myth floating around that our popular 5A Swiss Pairs was being scored using cross-IMPs it has not been so. We really meant it to be but, due to a slight misunderstanding about how to set up our scoring program, the first four of six rounds have been scored using Butler. There was a brief period after the fourth round when the results were published after re-scoring with cross-IMPs but it was decided to revert to the Butler for the sake of continuity. Apologies to anyone whose feathers feel ruffled by this situation.

Waikato Area Pairs - final heat

This Sunday the final heat of the Waikato Area Pairs will be held at the Hamilton Bridge Club.

The event is a walk-in ... you don't need to register just turn up by 9.45 with your lunch, a partner and $10 to participate.

The 2020 WAP is a different beast - due to COVID we will have run just 3 heats and the overall winner will be decided by the best 2/3 scores (and while a sub is allowed - the two scores that count must be played with the same partnership).

The field is still wide open and you can see who is in contention via the following league ladder:

Remember there are also A points up for grabs and prizes for the top non-open players in the field.

As is traditional we will also finish with some refreshments and nibbles (but don't expect the full pizza spread this year) as well as run the AGM at lunchtime.

If you have any suggestions/topics for discussion please send them to Anna ( . As this is the last year Anna is managing the WAPs any nominations/volunteers to take over the event would also be appreciated.


The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 22 July 2020

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Real men wear pink

  What is the link between Bridge and Ballet?

A road trip

  New Plymouth features in a Road Trip

  Whitebait fritters anyone ?
  3 in a car traveling across the motu
  North Shore to Hamilton to New Plymouth, onto Whanganui and back to Auckland

The Percent Symbol

  Tip of the week – it’s all about percentages

  Our guest interview this week is Bridge Expert …..


   We share the first portion of his chat with the Bridge Zone

   Larry will be joining us over the next few weeks talking about his Bridge life
   Hear how COVID 19 is impacting Larry and general Bridge in the USA
   I love his accent, don’t you?
   Great segment – enjoy listeners


      Hamilton 5A Open teams
      Hamilton 3A Restricted Teams
      Whanganui Swiss Pairs
      North Shore Restricted Pairs

Poker Face
Judge Julie rules on when a card is played ……

  Wonderful to see you at the tables again listeners
  Catch you next week

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NZ Congress 2020 - updated

URGENT MESSAGE - National Congress 2020

On Thursday 25 June the Management of the Distinction Hotel Hamilton advised New Zealand Bridge that they would not be honouring our booking for the 2020 National Congress. The venue is to be used as a quarantine facility for returning Kiwis until at least January 2021.

We will over the next 10 days look at options to relocate the Congress. This if at all possible, may be at a different time, and is likely not be in Hamilton.

At this point we ask that you hold off making any travel and accommodation bookings. Please don’t make any online entries or payments.

We are exceedingly disappointed with this situation and will do our absolute best to find a workable alternative for 2020.

Alister Stuck
National Secretary, New Zealand Bridge

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