WAP Round 2 @ Te Aroha

Congratulations to our Club members who had a very good afternoon at Te Aroha last Sunday

Phil Thompson and Ian Ross came 1st N-S in the 2nd session in section A with 69.47%.

Mereanna Cullen and Rodney Harris also came 1st N-S in the 2nd session in section B with 63.49%

Well done

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* Bring out the tissues – the Naki boy sheds a tear

cry baby

* Results from Taranaki Congress

* We have a winner !
  Anna Kalma picks put her ahead of the bunch for the North Island Teams – Feature Race

* Book of the week - Winning ways to PLAY your cards by Paul Mendelson

* Pick 2 proves to be very important

* The Bridge Zone Racing Channel next feature Race - Kelly Peirse Memorial Teams

* Send in your Top Tw2 – our selections will be published on NZ Bridge site

* Major and minor penalty cards, reserve your rights – yeah right - who gets 70 something percentage - Judge Julie

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Week 10 Friday Results ...

.. X-Club results now listed with the Week 10 Wednesday results as Wednesday and Friday boards got swapped around.

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 6 March 2019

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* Oprah Winfrey – makes it onto the Bridge Zone

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* Book of the week - Bridge Secrets

* Hutt Bridge Club - Results of the Multi-grade Tournament and a round up by AJ

* International Publicity for Bridge

* North Island Teams – Tauranga Results

* Ware, Wear and Where – what’s in a name?

* Judge Julie and coffee
Coffee !

       * Tip of the week – INT Doubled rears its head again

       * Bridge Zone Racing Channel – Feature Race – Taranaki Congress Teams Event

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2019 Subscriptions

Our piggy bank is not bottomless and unfortunately needs an occasional "top up" - the Club has an expensive building to maintain....

Your subs form a large part of the Clubs income and were due at the end of February. There is rather a high percentage of subs still outstanding so if you fit this category can you please pay......


Promoting Bridge @ "The Square"

Bridge @ Chartwell Square
9 members from the club gave a morning and afternoon demonstration of the game at Chartwell Square ahead of this years bridge lessons. Thanks to the morning players Stephen Weir,Janice Wilton,Stephen Baptist and Sonya Roberts and to the afternoon players Mark Thomson,Karen Harper,Shaun Hewitt and Trini Lin.
The day was organised and managed by Karen Thomson who was able to take a number of names and emails of people keen to learn. Lindsay Reid called by to give his support.
A good day all round.

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 27 February

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North Island Teams @ Tauranga this weekend is the feature race on the Bridge Zone Racing Channel
The prize cupboard is open and awaiting a winner!!!
Send in your picks for the Top 2 teams, there are plenty to choose from and don’t forget the roughie

Mereana sticks to her old favorites – who are they? – listen and learn

Zygomatic muscles – yip – you have them

What do they have to do with Bridge, the Pussycats and stress at the table?

Keep Bridge Alive Campaign – roll up, roll up, hear all about it

Samantha Punch and team are spreading the passion about the game

Gold Coast Congress – Barry shares some results including an interesting situation that their team had to deal with…..or not!

Book of the week – he only just bought it last week and has already finished reading it

   Saints and Sinners - by Tim Bourke and David Bird

Bridge Lesson Season – phone a friend to join the pack

Judge Julie – 2 questions today – what is her ruling?

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Didn't we do well !

Have you noticed the "shortage" of Open players & Grand Masters around the Club this last week ?
If you did and wondered where were they had gone the simple answer is the Gold Coast in Queensland playing bridge at the week long Gold Coast Congress. Results in the pairs were hard to come by but in the Teams members of the Club have done very well competing in a field of 212 Teams - you can read about it on this page from NZ Bridge Site

Click here to read about how NZers placed in the Teams

The NZ Bridge site doesn't mention all those from the Club playing - numerous other members are at the Congress and you can check their progress here

Alternatively Click here to see all the action at the Gold Coast Congress

Phone Numbers in the emailed Newsletter

Oops - sorry but some of the numbers in the latest Newsletter emailed last weekend were incorrect due to a publishing error. The numbers in the Newsletter on this web site and those in the printed copies at Club are correct so should you have updated your book with those numbers please re-check them to confirm you have the correct numbers. Once again - sorry

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