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Hamilton Restricted Tournament - Important information for players -

Please ensure your Partner has read this information

Seating Plan :
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Format :
The format will be 2 sessions - start time for play will be 10am (nz) and 1.45pm (nz)
Players are required to be at the table by 9.45am

All playing regulations as published in the NZ Bridge Manual for Pairs events will apply


Audio / Visual :
Every player must use a device with audio-visual capabilities and may only disconnect the camera during a match after obtaining permission from the Director

Players are required to have their camera and microphone in operation AT ALL TIMES during play
Players can check their audio and visual device at the RealBridge audio video test page


Communications :
No off-line communication with your partner or reference to your own system notes or any use of electronic devices apart from your playing device is allowed during the playing session


Masterpoints :
Masterpoints will be awarded as published in the NZ Bridge Manual for an 8B Tournament


RealBridge :
To ensure familiarisation with RealBridge, all players are advised to either play in a RealBridge session such as the Hamilton Bridge Club are running on each Thursday for Intermediates players

RealBridge provide a player guide that can be found here


Connectivity :
Players must ensure they have sufficient data capacity and secure internet connectivity available. If in doubt, groups could play at a central location such as their bridge club rooms.
If connectivity is lost during play, the Director will place a substitute at your table until the player returns


Payment :
Entry fees to the Hamilton Bridge Club – Acc No. 01-0315-0381282-01 before 10pm (NZ) on Thursday 31st March
★ Please ensure you add your name and the event with your transfer
★ Payments made after this time will not ensure verification can be made
★ Any player who has not paid prior to the event may be removed from the table


Fair Play :
Because of the online nature of the event and we are expecting that partners will be at different venues, or at least sufficiently separated that they will be unable to see or hear any interaction between the players


Technical :
During this tournament NO UNDO will be permitted except by the direct instruction from the Director for an obvious mis-click. The Director MUST be called. The functionality of 2-click steps is available so clicking a bid will show you the bid then click again to make the bid, and similarly for playing cards. If you choose not to use this functionality then it is unlikely that the undo will be permitted and the call / play will stand.

If a player loses connection, the organisers reserve the right to apply a substitute until such time as the lost player is able to return. The player will be permitted back at the timing discretion of the Director.

Players should locate themselves in a situation where their environment will not be a distraction to their partner or opponents – no unwanted noise or distractions. Please be aware of any materials which may appear in the background of your video. Do not indulge in lengthy unnecessary conversation during bidding or play.


Australian Players :
Australian players require a New Zealand player number
To obtain a temporary NZ number please email


Further information :
Please check the Hamilton Bridge Club website in the week prior to play commencing for any further information


Contact Details :

Administration Contact : Ella Gray

Event Director : Ella Gray     


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Last Update : 9.50pm , 30th March - Supplementary Regulations removed