Life Members

    Hamilton Bridge Life Members

  Recipient   Awarded
  Miss F. Jolly   1955
  Mrs D. Head   1960
  Mr E. Care-Cottrell   1966
  Miss K. Wilson   1968
  Mr A. Head   1970
  Mrs C. O'Connor   1971
  Mr T.N. Foden   1977
  Mrs M. Head   1978
  Mr J. Christie   1980
  Mr R. Dobson   1983
  Mr R. Wallace   1987
  Miss J.S. Waymouth   1990
  Mr P. Kunac   1993
  Mrs J. Care-Cottrell   2002
  Mrs J. Cresswell   2002
  Mr M. Smith   2010
  Mrs J. Eggar   2020

Nominations for Life Membership

Life Membership may be awarded to members of the Hamilton Bridge Club who through their actions have made a significant contribution to the club. Any member will be considered for Life Membership as long as they meet the rules in the Club Constitution.

The Committee has adopted a procedure for nominations for Life Membership to the Club. The guidelines for this procedure are available from the Secretary or by downloading the document below

Any financial member can nominate a member for Life Membership. This nomination must be submitted to the Committee for consideration and, if approved, the recommendation will be made at the Annual General Meeting.

If any member is interested in making a nomination for the Committee to consider, obtain a copy of the guidelines and register your interest with the Secretary - this interest will remain confidential and will avoid multiple members researching information regarding the same person.

Ella Gray

This link allows you to download "Guidelines for Life Membership" from Hamilton Bridge ( click on the file name )