Summer Bridge 2023 - 2024

Hamilton Bridge Summer Bridge

Hamilton is hosting Summer Bridge 4 times a week in December & January. The hosting period excludes the period over the Xmas / New Year holiday break and the first week of January due to an extended room hire.
The sessions are all dependent on sufficient numbers taking part

Summer Bridge - Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday evenings & Friday morning:

Tuesday days at 1:00pm     Nov 21,  Nov 28,  Dec 5     Jan 16,  Jan 23 

Tuesday nights at 7:00pm     Nov 21,  Nov 28,  Dec 5     Jan 16,  Jan 23 

Thursdays at 7:30pm         Nov 24,   Dec 1,   Dec 8     Jan 18,  Jan 25 

Fridays at 10:00am          Nov 25,  Dec 2,    Dec 9     Jan 19,  Jan 26 

Friday Summer Bridge is available in both the Richmond & O'Neill ( Juniors and Novices ) Rooms

Summer Bridge is open to ALL grades and ALL players ( members of all bridge clubs )

Regular Table Money applies ( payment where possible via Compa$$ )

Summer bridge is stand-alone scratch only - a free session of bridge at Hamilton is given to NS & EW or 1st & 2nd winners

Note - The start of Summer Bridge in January 2024 is one week later than usual.
    Regular bridge at Hamilton starts on the Monday of the week commencing 29 January