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Wednesday 5A 3-Nighter

Although there was an urban myth floating around that our popular 5A Swiss Pairs was being scored using cross-IMPs it has not been so. We really meant it to be but, due to a slight misunderstanding about how to set up our scoring program, the first four of six rounds have been scored using Butler. There was a brief period after the fourth round when the results were published after re-scoring with cross-IMPs but it was decided to revert to the Butler for the sake of continuity. Apologies to anyone whose feathers feel ruffled by this situation.

It's a Wrap for the TWITs

Eighteen teams met for the last of six rounds of the 2019 TWITs (The Waikato Interclub Teams) on Friday 23rd of August. The six Open teams had completed a double round-robin over the preceding five outings and the Intermediate/Junior section of ten teams a single round-robin plus a filler last month.

The Hamilton Intermediate team Cinders which was comprised principally of Karen Thomson, Kim Thompson, Roger Gunning, and Ian Ross with three or four ring-ins over the season had held Indie TWIT hostage for the whole season. They were so far in front that we promoted them to the Open section for the last night so we could run a Multiple Teams event. They even came third in that session.

Week 10 Friday Results ...

.. X-Club results now listed with the Week 10 Wednesday results as Wednesday and Friday boards got swapped around.

TWITs come to an end

The final of six Friday sessions took place at the Hamilton club on the 24th August. Teams, having met each other twice in a double round-robin over five nights, had the pleasure of playing everyone in their grade at Multiple Teams to finish the series. When the dust settled the final placings were:

TWITs Final ScoresTWITs Final Scores

Prizes of URGE vouchers to divvy up between team members who played so well were presented to the winners and runners-up in each grade. The Winners get to keep their TWIT until next year:

Boyack BandBoyack BandA-ccountersA-ccountersFit FindersFit Finders

Combined Results of the Waikato InterClub Teams

Click here to view a summary table of scores in the recent Waikato Inter-Club Teams. Detailed results are on the results page.

$10 Man!

The North Island Teams 20A tournament took place in Auckland over the weekend just gone. Congratulations to Hamilton pair Jenny Millington and Barry Jones who, with long-time team-mates Patrick Carter and Julie Atkinson came second in this marathon of bridge. Full results may be seen by clicking here.

One amusing tale from the weekend ..

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