Mona Corlett

The Club sadly notes the passing of our member Mona Corlett, with the club extending its sympathy to Mona's family and friends. Mona, who was the club's oldest member, passed away last weekend.

A Tribute to Mona, a Floral Artist
For many, many years, Mona's beautiful, elegant fresh floral arrangements greeted us at our bridge club's front door.
At the beginning of the year I became aware of the bare front door table, but as I am not a floral artist I have been purchasing artificial flowers at a variety of charity shops to fill the void.
Mona's beautiful floral arrangements at my daughter, ex club-member Penelope's wedding were so elegant and admired.
Keitha Burton

A little more on Mona's life can be found here in this short item published in 2015 on our website as part of a series on some of our well known members

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