2018 NZ Bridge National Congress - Days 1...3

A record number of players (close to 700!) are now in Hamilton taking part in the NZ Bridge Congress. The Congress which attracts the best players from around New Zealand along with players from Australia is being held at the Distinction Hotel in Te Rapa.
One of the premier events the New Zealand Pairs has now reached the Finals stage and concludes Monday evening. The top 28 pairs from the qualifying will battle for national honours with the next 28 pairs competing in the plate final

In the running from the Hamilton club are Barry Jones and Jenny Millington (qualified in 7th place) and Blair Fisher (with George Masters qualified in 16th place).

Results to date - these Hamilton club members have finished in the top 10 in their events so far (top 5 for Novices)-

Event Result
NZ Youth Teams: 2nd handicap - Shaun Hewitt,Daniel Spencer & Teammates
Novice Pairs: 1st NS - Megan Jolly & Janice Wilton
Congress Pairs: 5th - Yuzhong Chen (partner Herman Yuan)
9th - Ella Gray & Michael Neels
10th - Liz Fisher (partner Michael Curry)
Open Restricted Pairs: 3rd - Clare Coles (partner Anna Kalma)
NZ Pairs: 12th - Blair Fisher (with George Masters)
18th - Jenny Millington & Barry Jones
NZ Pairs Plate: 10th - Brett Glass & Gary Foidl
11th - Ian Clayton(with Noel Woodhall)
Back to the Future Teams: 3rd - Graham Stern, Alan Parkes & Teammates
4th - Liz Fisher & Teammates