Hamilton Bridge Club suspension of bridge - Updated 22 April

Hello All

We are now four weeks into our self-isolations within our respective bubbles. The Bridge Club committee trusts that all members and their bubbles are safe and well. At our online meeting yesterday, we discussed possible ways forward to enable some form of regular bridge to be played safely at the club when more social options become available. To this end, we are keeping in touch with NZBridge and will follow their recommendations based on Ministry of Health advice. This means the Club will remain closed for the period of Level 3 when we will again report back to members.

There are many opportunities to play Bridge online – BBO have kiwi sessions each afternoon and night and WaikatoBays are arranging sessions for Waikato and Bay of Plenty members to join together for an afternoon or evening of Bridge. Check the WaikatoBays website for more details and instructions if you have not yet played on line. It is like most things - very easy once you know how.


On Line Bridge – BBO

As many of you likely know there are numerous games of NZ organised bridge taking place on BBO ranging from pseudo tournaments run by Auckland Bridge to smaller sessions hosted by other clubs to private games. Waikato-Bays (our regional bridge group) has taken a lead here in the Waikato organising and running what have become daily bridge sessions using BBO.

Many of these sessions are aimed at junior and intermediate players in the region so don’t be put off thinking you will be playing against open players - dependent on numbers, more qualified players requests may be declined.

Should you be interested, there are detailed instructions on the
Waikato Bays site - https://www.waikatobays.bridge-club.org/node/1099 on how to register and access these sessions/tournaments. To be able to play in these events you need two things – a partner and you need to pre-register with Waikato Bays - details can be found on the Waikato Bays site on how to accomplish both of these tasks.
If you would like to know more about BBO and playing online these are both good resources to start with -

NZ Bridge - http://www.nzbridge.co.nz/latest-updates,listing,6073,instructions-for-bbo.html

Ashburton Bridge Club - https://sites.google.com/site/ashburtonbridgeclub/home/bbo

Payment of Club Subscriptions

Our subs were due on the last day of February but as at the end of March about 22% , some 60 odd members, have still to pay!

We know that times are not easy at present with no bridge and in some cases probably worse things are happening but the Club is also suffering. We still have our fixed overheads to pay along with commitments made in the days before the word Covid-19 existed and none of us had heard “lockdown” being used

So please, can you pay your outstanding subs as soon as possible

Apologies to those who have paid since the end of March but without access to the club building we may be a little out of date

Thank you