Bridge is good to go !

Good to Go
The Bridge Club will be open for playing sessions next week

The first competition day of each of our days will vary until all synchronise with the regular sessions in your programme book. Welcome Back Pairs will fill the void with these organised along the same lines as the Club's regular summer bridge sessions ( all players irrespective of grade can play at any session ) – each session will be stand alone with ticket winners ( vouchers ) for each session
Sessions will start as follows:

  Session   Week starting 15th June   Week starting 22nd June
  Monday    ( 7pm )   NO BRIDGE   Welcome Back Pairs
  Tuesday Day    ( 1pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Tuesday    ( 7pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Wednesday    ( 7.30pm )   Welcome Back Pairs   Welcome Back Pairs
  Thursday    ( 7.30pm )   David Head Trophy Individual #1   David Head Trophy Individual #2
  Friday Day    ( 10am )   Peter Kunac Trophy round #1   Peter Kunac Trophy round #2

Health practices:

All players are required to use the hand sanitisers outside playing rooms before entering to play at the start of the session and after a toilet or cigarette break and to continue to follow the sensible health practices of:
•   staying away if you have Covid19 or flu-like symptoms or if you have a cold
•   washing your hands with soap and water
•   avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

In addition the committee has provided:
1.   a Health table - tissues and hand sanitisers will be positioned on a table in the centre of playing tables.
    Players are required to move away from the playing table if they are anticipating sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose,
    use the tissues that have been supplied, place the used tissue in the receptacle at the table and re-sanitise your hands
    before returning to your playing table

2.   masks that will be available free of charge for any member to wear during play if they so choose

New practices:
1. Table Money - the club will not collect table money in coins or give change for notes from the start of play next week.
    All players please bring notes to purchase a set of table tickets - $10 for 3 tickets ( limit of 2 sets )
    The club will shortly be moving to a system where members will pay their table money on-line (or through the Secretary)
    Table money for each session you play will then be automatically deducted from your personal Compass account each time
    your computer number is entered for a session into the Bridge Mate

2. Sets of boards used will be set aside for at least 3 days before they are dealt again

3. The Covid Tracing App QR Code will be available for members to use to record their personal movements

4. The kitchen will be open for Tea & Coffee - members will be required to sanitise their hands before entering the kitchen

First visit to the Club – ALL members are required to check that their personal details the Club has for you are correct
There is still a recommended Covid tracing requirement for clubs to follow

Have a great time returning to the tables