2021 Grades

Checking grades

NZ Bridge has released the grading for all its members and as they have already announced there have been major changes in the step between Intermediate and Open grades. These changes are retrospective and have been applied to current grading which means the Club now has a smaller number of Open Players and an increased number of intermediates.

If you would like to know more on this change then read this from an Allan Morris update of 7 December:

Alister shared a bulletin with all clubs earlier this week reiterating our plans for the end of year roll over. A change to open grade will be implemented whereby all players ranked at provincial Master and above will be graded Open. Opening rating points will not be depreciated by the usual 20% as part of the recalculation for the 2021 playing year

See his update 8 (5 Nov) http://www.nzbridge.co.nz/user/inline/3591/From%20the%20Chair%202020%20%238.pdf

As a result of these changes these new grades apply to our members

Name Computer Current (new) Grade Old Grade
 Angela Lovell  25226  Intermediate  Junior
 Catherine Cameron  41259  Intermediate  Open
 Cathy Nolen  24570  Intermediate  Open
 Colleen De Luen  5208  Intermediate  Open
 Elaine Rayner  34178  Intermediate  Open
 Joan Egger  24651  Intermediate  Open
 June Rogers  14732  Intermediate  Open
 Karen Thomson  37470  Intermediate  Open
 Nigel Gresson  34162  Intermediate  Open
 Pam Burns  17000  Intermediate  Open
 Phil Thompson  16817  Intermediate  Open
 Phillipa Kilpatrick  9829  Intermediate  Open
 Thelma Bird  32380  Intermediate  Open
 Val West  18000  Intermediate  Open

All Time Greats

As well on New Years Day New Zealand Bridge released the top 100 players based on all time Master Points earned as at the end of 2020
7 Hamilton Club members make it on to the 2020 version of the list......

The full 2020 Top 100 list can be found here