Level 2 Lock-down - February 2021

The Government tonight announced a 3 day Level 2 lock-down for New Zealand excluding Auckland which is now at Level 3.

NZ bridge has previously advised that Bridge clubs can play at Lock-down Level 2 if they choose with certain safety standards.

The Club has decided these rules that applied then during the last Level 2 Lock-down in September 2020 will again apply and will be in effect for the next three days - Monday 15th thru the end of Wednesday 17th

Obviously, it is an individual decision whether you wish to play in Level 2 and the Club understands that

Face masks - Many members have their own face masks and if you do please bring them should you decide to play. The club however does have a limited number of disposal ones available and will seek more tomorrow

At the current Level 2 our safety precautions are the following:
•    If you come to bridge you must be well and have no symptoms of any illness
•   The use of face masks is mandatory.
•   The kitchen will be closed
•   You bring your own pen that travels with you
•   Only South will handle the Bridge Mate. East will verbally agree to the score

If we find that insufficient numbers decide to play at the current Level 2, we will close again until Lock-down Level 1

There will be further communication from us on the club website after the next Government announcement that changes the current status

Nigel - on behalf of the Club