Nice Chums

Big apologies - the latest newsletter omitted the results from the Friday morning "Nice Chums" ( NC ) group

Our Club has a regular Bridge Session that apart from Friday players is largely unknown to the rest of the Club - the self named "NICE CHUMS". This group of members plays regularly on Friday mornings enjoying the sociability of the group and consists largely of members who have completed our lessons in the past few years.

For those NC members who have asked about handicaps - handicaps are calculated using the average results for each player for all the times they have played in the NC sessions for up to the last 18 months. Players that have scored above average over that time get a negative handicap while those that are below average get a positive handicap - these can range from +10 to -10 with most being between +3 and -3. Then the handicap results for NC sessions are found by adjusting each Raw Score by that "average result" handicap for each player.
These handicaps are (re)calculated around three times throughout a year at a time when a competition has concluded

2021 results for the Friday NC are:

Hamilton Bridge - Nice Chums results for 2021
NC Friday Summer Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Michelle Paterson & Chris Goulding 1. Tim Seavill & Peter Craig
2. Sean Dwyer & Kevin Brown 2. Michelle Paterson & Chris Goulding
NC Charles Holland-Goodwin Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Kevin Brown & Sean Dwyer 1. Debbie Weston & Don Weston
2. Roger Johnstone & Mary Waldron 2. Kevin Brown & Sean Dwyer
NC Anne Archbold Pairs
Scratch Handicap
1. Jannie van Schagen & Michael Davies 1. Jannie van Schagen & Michael Davies
2. Mary Waldron & Roger Johnstone 2. Mary Waldron & Roger Johnstone
NC Eileen Hartstone Individuals
Scratch Handicap
1. Roger Johnstone 1. Roger Johnstone
2. Chris Goulding 2. Jutta Morgan