2021 WAP results

The final heat of the Waikato Area Pairs (WAPs) was held at the club on Sunday with Hamilton members featuring in many of the podium places. This competition runs throughout the year with six heats held at different Waikato clubs. Prizes and A points are distributed to session and overall winners of each heat and also to the overall winners of the combined heats. This is an excellent competition for intermediate and keen junior players to improve their bridge skills playing against open players in a friendly, relaxed setting (if there is such a thing in bridge).

Pam & Ian Moore - 2021 WAP winners

This year's overall winners were Pam and Ian Moore. Ian Ross and Phil Thompson not only won the best non-open prize in the Hamilton heat, but also featuring 3rd in the heat placings. An excellent result, but I think Ian needs to get another joke in his repertoire. Ella Gray is the WAP Manager and she would love to see more intermediate and junior players participating in the WAPs next year. Look out for the poster to see the relevant 2022 dates - heats are held once a month.

Pam & Ian Moore with the Hamilton 2021 Non-Open winners

       (above) Pam and Ian Moore - overall WAP winners

       (left) Ian Ross / Phil Thompson with Pam & Ian
      Best Non-Open pair & 3rd in the Hamilton heat

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