Suspension of ALL bridge @ Hamilton - updated 14 September

Image of Coronavirus Update notice

There is no change to play at the Hamilton Club - all bridge is suspended

Monday 13th September -

The Government made no changes to the lock-down's applying to the country today extending them both till Tuesday 21st next week. Hence suspension of bridge at the Club continues until at least the next update from the government

Thursday 9th September -

As indicated earlier this week the committee met to discuss what conditions are necessary for Bridge to resume at Hamilton.

The result of the meeting was no change to the suspension until at least next week when the government changes to the rules applying at the next lower level of lock-down are released.

Until these are known it is not possible to make an informed decision of what will be required so Hamilton bridge will remain suspended until level 1 or its equivalent level of lock-down is reached

Take care and keep safe

Nigel Gresson, President