Welcome to Hamilton Bridge for 2022

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Bridge for 2022
To all club members -
Covid allowed us a normal Xmas / New Break this year so we hope that you and your family & friends were able to take advantage of this break and get ready for the coming year
Its very unlikely we have seen the end of Covid but meanwhile Bridge at the Club will be able to restart with face to face bridge during the week of 10th January. Summer bridge commences from the 11th January with our usual bridge programme starting from the beginning of February

These precautions will be re-visited and updated when and if the Omicron variant of Covid becomes established in NZ

At the current Orange Level our safety precautions for FACE to FACE Bridge are as follows:

•    If you come to bridge you must be well and have no symptoms of any illness

•    ALL Players will be required to show a Covid Vaccine Pass to play in the Club-rooms
     This is a one time requirement for each person unless the rules of the Vaccine Pass are changed

•    Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to the building / playing rooms and selected locations in both rooms
     Please sanitise on arrival and departure from the Club

•    The use of face masks is mandatory to enter the club - signing in, sanitising etc.....

•    The wearing of Masks once seated is recommended but currently not compulsory
     This is based on the premise the Bridge Club is a private location and not open to the public
     We suggest you research MASKs at the Ministry of Health website to help confirm your decision by looking here

•    The kitchen will be open but please DO NOT share food or drinks

•    You bring your own pen that travels with you

•    Only South will handle the BridgeMate. East will verbally agree to the score

•    Contact details will be recorded as per the government Covid requirements
     The Club would ask all members to make use of the Covid Contract Tracing App when visiting the Club-rooms

•    The two Friday Day Bridge sessions will be played in separate rooms

•    Bridge Club employees will wear masks when their duties take them to the playing room

•    Where possible the playing room will be arranged to maximise group isolation
     External ventilation, weather & security permitting will be provided by the use of the building doors and windows

•    Bridge Club employees will be required to show a valid Covid Vaccine Pass

Should we find that insufficient numbers decide to play under these conditions we will revert to RealBridge

Nigel Gresson
January 2022