Mona Corlett

The Club sadly notes the passing of our member Mona Corlett, with the club extending its sympathy to Mona's family and friends. Mona, who was the club's oldest member, passed away last weekend.

A Tribute to Mona, a Floral Artist
For many, many years, Mona's beautiful, elegant fresh floral arrangements greeted us at our bridge club's front door.
At the beginning of the year I became aware of the bare front door table, but as I am not a floral artist I have been purchasing artificial flowers at a variety of charity shops to fill the void.
Mona's beautiful floral arrangements at my daughter, ex club-member Penelope's wedding were so elegant and admired.
Keitha Burton

A little more on Mona's life can be found here in this short item published in 2015 on our website as part of a series on some of our well known members

A tribute to Mona from Billie Phillips can be found here

Another tribute to Mona, this one from Malcolm Smith is found here

2017 Waikato Interclub Teams

Sunday at the club was a mass of over 100 players – 27 club teams from the Waikato area competing for the grade honours to represent their clubs against the top clubs from the Bay of Plenty in August. Two Hamilton teams qualified for this final – the Open and Intermediate teams both finishing 2nd in their respective grades with our Junior team performing very creditably against strong opposition.

A huge thanks go to all the club members who spent many hours preparing for this event – Cathy who dealt the untold number of boards necessary, Dallas and David for setting up the innovative computing system to run the scoring, Karen and Gwyn who come and quietly do all the necessary tasks that need to be completed, Jane and her team in the kitchen and Cherie as the Director, brought in on Sunday morning due to an illness, who kept the playing room running smoothly in a very efficient and convivial manner.

Phil's Occasional Blog #3

Did you ever play and make 6S holding a spade void?
Take a look at the Hamilton Results page "Back to the Future" on 3rd May, Board 5. The result for NS5 v EW3 shows 6S by W making 6. But this was incorrectly recorded: it was actually 6S by E making 6.
East opened a preemptive 3C, west bid 4NT (key-card) and E replied 5S holding 2 key cards (AK of clubs) with the QC. West had no hesitation in bidding 6S, and East trusted his partner, despite the spade void, and played and made 6S. Note than anything other than a Diamond lead yields 13 tricks.

Teaching Migrants and Refugees bridge

In my work as a volunteer with English Language Partners I have often thought how easy it should be to combine my skills and teach bridge to those who do not have English as their first language.
I am helping the Papatoetoe Bridge Club this year - and Ayako (from the Cambridge Club) and I were interviewed on Monday. The result is the article below which I hope you enjoy.

Teaching bridge to migrants and refugeesTeaching bridge to migrants and refugees

I have gone into the Cambridge and Papatoetoe English Language classes to teach students there minibridge and hope to go into the Nelson class next month. My goal is to set up a class for migrants and refugees at the Resettlement Centre out near Claudelands in Hamilton.

PHIL's occasional blog: #2

An interesting hand cropped up on Friday morning

In the E seat, most ACOL players would find a 1NT opening bid, followed by 2D from W as a transfer to 2H. Following the 2H bid, my bold partner (sitting N) bid 3C (well, he did have more points than anybody else, and we weren't vulnerable), the EW pair bid 4H, Being not vulnerable, I bid 5C, based on the fact that:
1: I had 5C. my partner must have had some points elsewhere.
2: 5C doubled not vulnerable is -500 (3 light) and our opponents would make 620 making 4H (vulnerable)
Our opponents then bid 5H, and we (inexplicably) omitted to double. The ultimate result was that my partner and I defeated the 5H contract an got a decent score.


TWITS:  Junior, Indi and OscarTWITS: Junior, Indi and Oscar

It was a relaxed and fun evening in Hamilton bridge club on Friday night when 24 teams from most clubs in the region took part in the inaugural TWITs (The Waikato Interclub Teams). Di Emms made the amazing portable TWITS (photo) that confer bragging rights on the winning club for a month.

The evening finished well with Hamilton's Intermediate Team, the Hamilton Mosaics, being presented with Indi for the highest finishing intermediate team on the night. Well done to Cath and Jol Glyde, Tracey Hoff and CatherIne Cameron. Junior and Oscar have gone to Cambridge for the month. Congratulations teams!

The best part however was to see so many people enjoying their game of bridge. Thank you to Clare Coles and the Cambridge crew for doing such a fabulous job with organising and helping to run the event.


Lucie and RodneyLucie and Rodney
CONGRATULATIONS to Lucie and Rodney, working wonders in Waihi today! They came away with the winners'prize. Yuzhong and Jeffrey put in great work and came third.

Vouchers for Bridge.....

Most members know that the Club awards vouchers for Bridge Sessions. However did you know you can purchase table vouchers in advance ? Think how convenient it would be not having to find small change each time you play bridge, and it also makes life easier for the directors and our secretary

There are several ways of purchasing the vouchers:

•   Ask your director - they have a limited number of voucher packs - 5 vouchers for $15 available for purchase

•   Email the secretary with your details ( name & bridge number ) and then pay by internet banking with your Bridge Number & code ‘Vouchers’ in the Banking Application "free entry" fields

•   Via the director with an envelope containing your details and a cheque or cash at any bridge session ( as our secretary is part time allow for this in the delivery time )

•   See Yvonne in the office ( see programme book for office hours )


Success at the second of the Mini Moos heats held in Cambridge Sunday afternoon. In a close contest Megan and Jane finished in a tie for third on 85 IMPs just 6 IMPs off the leaders.
Megan and JaneMegan and Jane
Well played ladies!


Congratulation to our open team who did battle on Sunday against Morrinsville, Rotorua and Tauranga and emerged victorious.
WBays Interclub Open winners 2016WBays Interclub Open winners 2016
Jenny Millington, Barry Jones, Ian Clayton and Karen Harris won all three of their matches to romp home with the title of top open team in the Waikato Bays Region.

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