Wednesday night Swiss Pairs

The "Summer Swiss Pairs" commence on 28 February - entry is required by Friday 23rd February

Please enter via the Club's website under the Events tab

Introducing our new Secretary

Members will see the friendly face of Donna Prentice in the office from this coming week. Donna will start her new position as Club Secretary on Tuesday 23rd January. Donna started playing bridge at our club, a graduate of our 2016 year, coming through in that short time to be a regular Thursday night and Friday morning attendee. Donna’s main attributes - her very approachable manner and can-do attitude, means members will be very well served in all aspects of the administration of our club. I am sure all members will make Donna welcome in her new role, be helpful to her and understand that she will not know all the answers immediately, but she will solve any queries or problems you have.

Donna’s days in the office will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Friday morning (before the bridge session) and early afternoon.

Hamilton does well in year's first tournament in the Waikato Bays region

Hamilton was very well represented in the top placings at the weekend's "Thames Festival of Bridge". Top of these was the Barry Jones team who won the John Eldridge Teams - Congratulations!

John Eldridge Teams

  • 1st - Jones team ( Barry Jones - Jenny Millington & Sam Simpson - Jo Simpson )
  • 3rd= - Harris team ( Karen Harris - Jenny Carr & Sandra Calvert - Colin Carryer )
  • 3rd= - Chen team ( Yuzhong Chen - William Liu & June Lei - John Wang )

and in the Teams qualifying great results to.....

  • 5th - Fisher team ( Liz Fisher - Blair Fisher & Malcolm - Michael Curry )
  • 6th - Roggeveen team ( Jena Robinson - Edward Roggeveen & Kevin Whyte - Clare Coles )

Barclay Swiss Pairs

  • 2nd - Yuzhong Chen & William Liu ( only 0.12 points away from 1st place - what a tough start to the year.... )
  • 4th - Liz Fisher & Blair Fisher
  • 5th - Helen Healy & Tim Healy

Read more in this excellent article by NZ Bridge's Richard Solomon & for all the other results from the weekend click here

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Table Money Increase

The Committee of the Hamilton Bridge Club finds it necessary to increase the table money from December. This has been forced upon us by the increasing maintenance requirements of a 60 year old building ( our Club-rooms ) which has in the past needed and has had little maintenance, resulting in low running costs

2017 Bridge Rule Updates

August brought changes to the Laws of Bridge which will directly affect us as players.....

Thanks to the Tauranga Bridge Club here is a short summary of the 2017 Law changes pertaining to players

Here are key points for some of the changes -

Law 7: Board location - This law has been amended slightly to reinforce the fact that boards must remain in the centre of the table correctly orientated during play.

Law 9: Dummy - Dummy may now attempt to prevent an irregularity by any player. Dummy must not, however, ask a Defender if they have revoked or draw attention to an irregularity which has occurred, until play concludes, except for correction of a mistaken explanation by partner (Declarer).

Monday Night Start Times

Monday Night bridge starting early at 7pm over the winter months has been a success. A couple of simple polls of the players has shown almost 100% support for this early start to carry on next year.

Extending the early start for the whole year wasn't as clear cut but the percentage in favor was still high at around 70%. As a result the committee has decided that Monday night Bridge will continue to start at 7pm for the non daylight saving months into the future and the Club will trial for next year an early start for the complete bridge year

So for 2018 Bridge will commence at 7pm on Monday & Tuesday nights and 7.30pm Wednesday & Thursday nights

Hamilton Congress - Waikato-Bays "New World" Provincial Teams

On Labour weekend Monday Hamilton Bridge Club hosted the final of The Waikato-Bays New World Provincial Teams. The Ware Team consisting of Michael Ware, David Skipper, Ian Berrington & Grant Jarvis were the winners on the day having also been the top qualifiers on Sunday in a class field of 22 teams.
The tournament was sponsored by Chris Grace's company "Te Rapa New World". Chris is pictured here with Ian Berrington & Grant Jarvis - the other two members having departed to drop Christchurch visitors at Auckland Airport with the joys of Labour Weekend traffic to contend with !!

2nd place went to the Solomon Team - Richard Solomon, Gary Chen, David Dolbel & Denis Humphries followed in third by the Carter Team - Patrick Carter, Russell Wilson, Jenny Millington & Barry Jones

( click on the image for a larger view )

Hamilton Congress - W/Bays Swiss Pairs Winners

Labour weekend Monday - Hamilton Club members Brett Glass & Gary Foidl were the winners of the Waikato Bays Consolation Swiss Pairs hosted by the Hamilton Club.
The tournament was sponsored by "Te Rapa New World" owned by Chris Grace who is pictured here with the winners

Runners-Up were Barry Palmer & Andrew Tarbutt followed by Mark Robertson & Sylvester Riddell

( click on the image for a larger view )

Hamilton 'New World' Congress Pairs

Labour weekend Saturday the Hamilton Club hosted the Hamilton Open Pairs tournament which in a first for the Club was sponsored by Te Rapa New World

Winners of the Hamilton Congress Open Pairs - Matt Brown & Andi Boughey

Runners Up - Hamilton's Barry Jones & Jenny Millington

Third Place - John Wang & Andrew Liu

( click on an image for a larger view )

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