Bridge Puzzles

Lindsay Reid is a long time contributor to the Club's Newsletter with his series of bridge puzzles. A number of these have been collected and along with the answer to the latest newsletter puzzle all can be found here


The club has a number of earrings found around the Clubrooms
Recognise any as yours then contact Donna in the office to arrange getting them back ( click on image for a larger view )

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 29 May 2019

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* Yummy - Scones with jam and cream

* Ace asking - Gerber/Blackwood/ RKC/ Charm/CRO

* Judge Julie -
       Illness at a tournament
       How much time should players give an opposition time to think about the play?
       Movements – a general discussion

* The Bridge Zone Racing Channel reopens – place your bets listeners
       Auckland and Hawkes Bay Congress – Open Teams Event
       Barry calls AKL and Mereana takes on HBY

* Book of the week It’s a big one – For Love or Money – The life of a bridge journalist


   * We talked Hero last week, it’s Zero this week

* China trinkets from Barry’s recent trip and a packet of Potter Brothers, from Levin, homemade Hokey Pokey are up for grabs

* Partnership harmony

* Fourth Suit Forcing

Aussie MP's

  Aussie Master points – touchdown


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NZ Bridge Constitution

New Zealand Bridge is in the process of updating its own Constitution

The just released draft version along with a feedback form can be found on the NZ Bridge website

Click here to be taken to the appropriate page on the NZ Bridge website

Inter-Provincial Teams

What are The Inter-Provincials or as they are more commonly known the IPs ?

The IPs are a teams competition in which the 7 NZ "Bridge Regions" ( Auckland-Northland, Waikato-Bays, Central Districts, Wellington, Top of the South, Canterbury & Otago-Southland ) complete against one another
These competitions take place in 4 different "grades" - Open, Intermediate, Women & Seniors with the overall winner being the the Region with the most points from the events in the 4 different grades

The overall winner is awarded the Dougal McLean Trophy which for the past 3 years has been held by the Wellington region

Again in mid November battle commences in Christchurch over 3 days were the regions will challenge each other with the aim of being the best!

Waikato Bays held trials recently in Tauranga with the result that these Hamilton Bridge Club members qualified for the inter-provincial teams :

Senior     -   Ella Gray and Michael Neels
Open      -   Yuzhong Chen and Noel Grigg
Women   -   Jenna Gibbons

Chef de Mission (CDM) for Waikato-Bays for the event is Jenny Millington


The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 22 May 2019

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China is done….for Barry
Chinese opera

* Ni hao

* Lebenshol – I spelt it?

* What’s it all about?

* Don’t mind Mereana – she’s still recovering

* Medicine at tournaments, don’t forget it

* Te Awamutu Restricted – results

* The Bridge Zone Racing Channel – we name our next event

* Queen Birthday Weekend Congresses – Auckland and Hawkes Bay

* The prize draw cupboard has some trinkets from Barry’s China trip


    * How cute are the pandas….


* Thank you, Mariusz PuczynSki

* Standing up for your beliefs – zero tolerance for cheating, we salute your actions

* And an amazing supportive gesture from Zia Mahmood to Mariusz

* Book of the week – Famous Bidding Decisionsbidding disasters and test your skills against the experts

* Zai jian and xie xie Yuzhong Chen for your help

* A question was asked about Poker and Bridge

* We talk about whether playing Bridge will help with concentration for Poker players

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Rodney Harris

The Club sadly notes the passing of our member Rodney Harris. Rodney, whose home club was Morrinsville, was a long time Wednesday night player and suddenly passed away during the week. We extend our sympathy to Rodney's family, friends and members of the Morrinsville Bridge Club

See also the tribute on the Morrinsville Bridge web site

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 1 May 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves
John Wayne

* Howdy partner, John Wayne shares a thought with us

* Word of the day – be gentle out there….

* Judge Julie -
       When to correct the incorrect info
       Bid wrong – what can you do?
       No show at a team’s event – what’s the result

* Results - Wellington Regionals
       Historic and stats

* Book of the week It’s a big one – The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge

* Bridge2success - join in the fun online with Fun Bridge on May 11th   It’s a global tournament


   * Interview with Sabine Auken


* Sofia Bridge Festival 2019 – May 13th 19th


  Who are we… we don’t know their names
  email us if you know


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Ask an Expert

Ask the expert


Have a bridge question ? - did I bid wrong, should I have made the contract, why didn't the........

If you indeed have one of those difficult bridge questions or need playing advice then
join Barry or Ella every Tuesday after afternoon bridge.
From 4 thru 5pm one or both will be at the club-rooms for advice or to answer your questions

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