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The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 20 February 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

My…what a view Broadbeach

Gold Coast Open Pairs Event – how did you go? – a bit too hard to make a pick everyone

I picked 1 pair – the only real pairing I know – Barry Jones and Jenny Millington
And didn’t they do well – qualifying for the Open Pairs A playoffs

We include results from other events as well

Double Dummy – we hear the remainder of the interview with John McAlister

Opening light in 3rd seat – Judge Julie sets us straight

Nau mai haere mai - The Bridge Zone Hikoi begins

Hutt Bridge Club is the inaugural feature this week as we begin our hikoi around Aotearoa. We speak with AJ, chief cook and bottle washer, what’s happening in their neck of the woods
March 3rd – Gee and Hickton sponsored Multigrade Tournament. Who’s he playing with – listen out for it

The Bridge Zone Hikoi is reaching out to any NZ Bridge Club and giving them an opportunity to let fellow Bridgees know a bit more about themselves

How old your club is, up and coming events, any new shinning talents coming thru the ranks, lessons, - the agenda is wide open
Want a call – drop us an email – and we will contact you……. It’s that simple

ABF logo
   Australian Bridge Foundation
   We have an announcement – exciting

    THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 13 February 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves


John McAlister, produces the Bridge Documentary – Double Dummy and tells us of his ventures at the South Island teams and we offer a teaser of his interview with us

The Bridge Zone Racing Channels reviews the South Island teams and Mereana is famous by association once more, the name WILKINSON – surely that must count for something

The next feature Race is named and we ask for your picks at the Gold Coast Congress

Pinocchio shows up in the studio today and 50 Shades of Grey becomes a regular feature

Peeling back another layer of The Bridge Zone with our new Resident Ruler

..Silent bidding – own the problem – What you talking about Willis!!!

Book of the week – Winning No Trumps Leads by David Bird & Taf Anthias

And we should remind Barry again about his New Year’s Resolution – Think more – COUNT more

Ciao m

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )      

Car Parking Helpers

Help please !Car parking is a big contributor to the Club's funds and the next few months with Super Rugby and the Chiefs playing at home is the time when we make most of that income
We need help for a couple of hours on the nights the Chiefs play to assist with car parking for the spectators.The first night is Friday 15 February from around 5pm till 7pm.

If you can spare the time or need to know more the "sign on" sheet and details are on the notice board in the club rooms. Alternatively get in touch with Bruce Cresswell on the number in the Programme Book

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 6 February 2019

Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

We feature National Tournament Director Julie Atkinson

Strong opening 2 clubs ... Julie confirms if there is a HCP

Ethics, breakdowns and newbies at the tables

Under use of Directors - just call them

All games that you play at a competitive level, surely you should know the rules

The Oxford Dictionary and The Bible gets a mention as Book of the Week


South Island teams is the feature race on the Bridge Zone Racing Channel

A favorite has come to light

There has been a late scratching- will this affect your pick

The ring in certainly has form

John McAlister hits NZ as a warm up to the Gold Coast Congress and we get talk to him next week

Tears for Fears make it onto the Bridge Zone

And Barry remembers the email address at last

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )      

Bridge lessons for 2019

2019 bridge lessons

Free table vouchers – for members who introduce people to the lessons (and they stay after the mini bridge session)

2019 Twits coming to you !

TWITS are coming......

Hamilton hosts the 3rd year of the Waikato Bays social bridge competition with the rather unusual name of TWITs - The Waikato Inter-club Teams. The competition while competitive is aimed more at the social level though there will be prizes at the end of the event

♥  Competitions for Open, Intermediate, Junior & Novice Teams

♦  $5pp table money

♠  Wine & cheese supper provided

♣  4th Friday of each month starting on March 23

♥  Runs for 6 months - March to August

♦  Teams are a minimum of 4 players but can have unlimited subs

♠  Team Captain is committed to fielding a team each month

♣  Hosted at the Hamilton Bridge Club

♥  Teams from Hamilton, Cambridge, Morrinsville, Te Aroha, etc.

♦  6.45pm for 7.00pm start

To enter your Team - click here

Hamilton Sevens

Last weekend on Saturday and Sunday Hamilton hosted the New Zealand round of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens at the FMG Stadium. Our Club uses car parking at the Sevens and other games at FMG as a fund raiser for the Club. This year the Sevens car parking brought in excess of $3000 to the Club funds.
Organising the parking for the first time was Bruce Cresswell who has taken the job over from Nigel G the previous leader of the team running the parking on the day. Bruce started out with the biggest event of the year but had excellent support making the two day event a successful fund raiser.....
Bruce C and the Police....







( click on the picture to see more photos )

Thanks also to Nigel, Margaret, Richard, Don, Mary, Roger, Sonya, Michael, Cath, Marilyn, Cathy, Karen along with reserves Phil & Ann. We were so well served we even sent some Volunteers home but you can be assured of our appreciation for all the time volunteered.

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 30 January 2019


It’s official, Barry Jones has lost the plot

He’s in a pickle over a new drink and it’s not medicine

I suggest random drug testing – and BTW – he’s a maths whizz too

The Bridge Zone Racing Channel goes live to all listeners and we announce our next Race Meeting

How well did Barry’s selections go at the Tauranga Mini Congress and we ask that you show us your form via email

South Island Teams in Dunedin – Brad Johnston, John McAllister, Richard Solomon, Gary Chen will be there

Check out the field and make your picks

Come out on top and we will send you something from the Bridge Zone Prize cupboard


Where do tributes feature in the game of Bridge and Kate Terry may be the next NZ Idol

Gambling 3NT – the basics are discussed plus an escape route and the Irish have their own take on this bid

Book of the week will keep your mind active, it’s a tippy day for us all

This week..... 121 Tips for Better Bridge by Paul Mendelson

Surprised we got thru the show today folks – it was a laugh

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )      Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

The Bridge Zone - Broadcast on 23 January 2019

On the Bridge Zone Racing Channel – Barry places his bets for the winning teams at Tauranga’s Mini Congress this weekend

Based on current form and names his “roughy” pick, he did well at Thames – can he repeat it?

Exciting things that happened at Mereana’s and Barry’s workplace last week


We discuss pre nuptials – who got married and who are back as a Bridge partnership after a decent separation

Is there a reason for a Bridge Partnership to have a pre nup agreeement – Barry shares 2 lines of thought for a solid basis of a pre nup

Playing Directors – some points of discussion and Julie Atkinson will join us next week


A new weekly event – we highlight a Bridge Book and share some of it’s content

This week.....

Book 4 – Matchpoints by Kit Woolsey

Double Flaw – Loaded Dice – it’s all so interesting

If you have a favorite book or reference that you want to share with us, please email and we will add it into a show

And who passes at the Bridge Table all night just to see what their results will be?

Kamikaze 1NT openings – what the heck!

Ciao m

THE BRIDGE ZONE   ( click to listen )      Proudly supported by NZ Bridge – taking Bridge to the airwaves

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